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Tag44 Are Visual CVs The Future?

Posted by tag44jobs on September 18, 2009

Here in the US, we are used to our standard text based way of presenting our Curriculum Vitales with only the formatting and font usually being the difference between two applicants at tag44 (well apart from the information). But are we stuck in our ways, some people are using digital technology to give what they think is an advantage over other job applicants. More and more job seekers in the US are making their CVs into multi-media presentations using combinations of images, charts, graphs, videos, samples of work and websites tag44.com to make them stand out form the crowd.

But some experts are warning that these “Visual CVs” could open candidates up to discrimination during the recruitment process at tag44.

US based companies like Tag44.com allow job seekers to create a visual CV using the website and free software, then when they apply for a job they can provide a url to their public profile. This simple link allows them to get their CV out to more people on the internet, utilising websites such as tag44, facebook and linkdin.

Figures show that the US hasn’t taken to the idea as fast as the US but this is said to increase in the future with Internet speeds ever increasing and the popularity of videos rising at tag44. But the prospect of these exciting new ways to let people know about you and your experiences may have a negative effect. Some law experts are worried that adding visual media such as photos and videos may lead job recruiters to make their decisions using age, sex, race or disability as a factor tag44.com This is less likely to happen when they are provided with a more traditional paper based CV tag44.

If recruiters are presented with a Visual CV they can cover themselves against discrimination claims by writing down exactly why they are rejecting the candidate providing a strong reason based on business and nothing else tag44.

So is using a visual CV the right thing for you. Well you may find that some employers especially in the more traditional finance sector may not accept them and may ask for a paper based CV tag44. Design and creative sector jobs may find visual CVs a great way of getting yourself noticed. This sector is most likely to be the first to embrace visual CVs, leading to them becoming more popular tag44.com But until then it may be advisable to hang back and stick to the traditional paper based CV.

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Tag44 Tips While Looking For A Job

Posted by tag44jobs on August 23, 2009

There are several tendencies on a workforce market during the crisis. In some companies the crisis is used as a pretext to lay off the employees the managers don’t like at tag44. The shift of the poles from the job seeker market to that of an employer is not so striking as a number of professionals haven’t reduced their expectations as for salary levels at tag44.com These reductions are now mainly topical for the job seekers without working experience, the workers of back-offices and book keepers for whom the most important thing now is the mere stability of their working place tag44.

What to Do?
What to do if you are not to ready to search for a job under the crisis conditions? How to preserve your job against the background of massive layoffs? Recruiters and staff managers at tag44 share their experience.

Be more initiative
The most efficient and indispensable employee is the last one to be laid off. So, if now you do not belong to this category, do your best to become the one. If you are of great use for a company at tag44.com remind them somehow about your efficiency. Try to concentrate on short but effective projects which are supervised by the management and give a quick feedback. Long and passive projects are better to be postponed. Never try to become an invisible shadow. Instead, demonstrate applicable initiative and radiate redoubled energy: confident and energetic employees are the last ones to be laid off at tag44. Your optimism will be advantageously contrasted to a total depression. Try to encourage people around you.

Subconsciously, the management looks for support at hard times. Enthusiasm and shining eyes are what they need tag44.com And if circumstances demand certain sacrifices (salary cuts, refusal from social benefits, etc.) be ready to patriotically face them. The crisis will be over and you’ll make up for all of them at tag44. The key point is that you have an opportunity to practically demonstrate your loyalty and stress-resistance.

Besides, HR representatives recommend you should get control over very important and equally unpleasant and uninteresting activities at tag44.

Be ready for something new
Even if the wave of the crisis wipes everyone off, you still can survive. Try to become more functional and thus more profitable for a company at tag44. For instance, suggest a new trend in your business plan and head it.

Cut your needs
If you still cannot avoid a layoff, suggest you can work a part time day.

Become more efficient
Not to lose a job, show how efficient you are and make fewer mistakes at tag44. You can do this not only spending 24 hours a day at your working place but raising your importance as an expert tag44.com It is well-known employees are now eager to attend various trainings.

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Getting a Job with Tag44.com

Posted by tag44jobs on July 13, 2009

Tag44.com makes possible employment for some various sectors of our society. The website serves as an information bank for all types of internship opportunities and career preparations. They post on going internships on the net in the fields of software, accounting, f&b and many other industries. The website also provides the Facebook where users can get interactive. It is also making it possible for employers and internship seekers to meet. The website serves as common ground for them.

Paid internships and unpaid internships are in their databank as well as summer internships. The posted listings of internships are precise and up to date. It contains truthful information which the users can relate to Tag44. This kind of arrangement work both ways. It is a win-win situation. Internship seekers lend their talents and skills to companies in need of them. In the process their abilities and business skills get honed and developed tag44.

Tag44.com has the responsibility of launching internship programs that would benefit small businesses tremendously. The site boasts of educational internships programs, mediate over any problems, and oversee the recruitment process tag44. The site also handles the intern’s necessary communications with the employer.

Tag44.com in all aspects have is centered on providing an environment where talented internship seekers get the right employers to match their skills and abilities. The internship seekers are trained in their specific area of skills and talents that will greatly improved their future employment and career opportunities tag44.

Paid internships and summer internships are made available. The website http://www.tag44.com will assist with the whole process. The website also will make it easier for the employer and the internship seekers find each other without problems and capably.

Tag44.com has given all the possible ways and means for employers or recruiters to make public their postings. On the other hand it has made it also easier for internship seekers by way of advice on how to write their resume and application letter. The website does not stop there tag44. The seekers are given tips on the interview part of the application for possible acceptance.

Internship seekers then, either paid internships, summer internship or unpaid internships will find Tag44.com legal and legit. With accurate and efficient postings of information on internships Tag44.com is right on top of the page rank with search engines.

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