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Tag44 Necessity of Paper Resume in Current Period

Posted by tag44jobs on January 7, 2010

These days everything has gone digital including resumes, which begs the question, is a paper resume still needed? There are many sites online like tga44.com now that you can go to and upload a digital version of your resume and more employers than ever before will have access to it tag44. While the digital revolution is indeed a great one, there are still times where having the old standby of a paper resume is handy indeed at tag44.com

Here are some times when you will find having a paper resume to your advantage:

•Beating the streets: Yes this is the old fashion way of job hunting tag44. The idea here is to print out a dozen or so copies of your resume in paper form and hit the road. Whatever job it is you are trying to get tag44, like insurance sales for example, will get a resume from you and if you don’t get a job the first day out you will try handing out another dozen paper resumes the next day tag44.com Eventually you will land a job. This type of tenacity is rare indeed these days, but you should never underestimate the power of a good personal introduction tag44.

•Faxing potential employers: There are many job opportunities that want you to do nothing more than fax them a resume and then they will contact you if they are interested tag44. It is true that there are programs now that will digitally fax a copy of your resume to the potential employer for you at tag44.com but many people don’t have this software in which case it is easier to make a paper copy and fax it over and over again at tag44.

•Networking: When you are looking for a job you should be talking to everyone about it and not just your friends and family tag44. You never know who could be out there waiting to hire someone just like you at tag44.com If you do happen to meet someone who is interested in your services what are you going to do, tell them to check out your resume online? It can never hurt you, but it may help you to have a few paper resumes handy wherever it is you are going at tag44. Print them out and put them in a folder and leave that folder in your car. If need be you can excuse yourself just long enough to fetch a paper resume tag44.com

•At an interview: If you are being interviewed for a job then chances are that the interviewer has already looked over your resume at tag44, but what if they want a copy from you? It is better to have one ready and the interviewer not ask for it then it is to not have one ready and have the interviewer want it tag44.com Taking your paper resume with you ensures that you are covered. Having paper resumes with you is no guarantee that you will find a job tag44, but look at it this way; it can’t hurt. When you are trying to secure the job of your dreams it is always best to be prepared, even if you are a little over prepared at tag44.com

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Tag44.com Recruitment Search Engine

Posted by tag44jobs on December 18, 2009

Launched in 2008 Tag44.com is a job search engine website that enables job seekers to access jobs from all over the web in one simple search, making the job search process quick, simple and convenient.

Tag44.com searches thousands of websites for jobs, saving the job seeker time and effort. A job seeker can search via keyword and location to access employment opportunities from all over the web in a single click.

The website gathers relevant and fresh jobs from a number of different sources including job boards, recruitment agencies, company websites tag44, newspaper websites, non profit organisations and more.

The team started working on the project in 2007 and was founded by the two Directors in their quest to make job searching simple and enjoyable. Tag44.com is now partnering with a large number of websites to ensure that it builds a comprehensive search engine for jobs.

The team want to build not only the most comprehensive search engine for jobs, but the most comprehensible, by delivering a fun website with a personal feel that delivers results for tag44 job seekers and its partners.

“Tag44.com is a one-stop-shop for jobs, acting as a link between job seekers and jobs. Our objective is to ensure that job seekers not only find Tag44 helpful, but that they enjoy their job search experience. We want Tag44.com to be the starting point for every US job seeker searching for jobs online” says our team.

Job seekers can use refinement options to filter their search, as well as create a free tag44 job seeker account where they can save jobs, receive jobs via email and save their searches.

“Tag44.com is here to make a difference to the job search market, and we want to help more job seekers find employment than ever before”

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Resumes and Cover Letters in Tag44 Jobs

Posted by tag44jobs on November 8, 2009

Your resume and cover letter are the two most essential elements of searching for a job that will either get you a job interview at tag44, or a rejection letter. They are your introduction to your potential employer and when the employer finishes reading your resume, he or she will know whether or not you are going to be contacted for an interview at tag44.com It is the resume and cover letter that are the keys to job search success tag44.

With the current down turn in the economy, jobs have become increasingly more competitive. Your resume must stand apart from all of the others in the resume pile. If you are currently out of work and looking for a new job at tag44.com or you are tired of your current job and are seeking a change, creating a stellar resume is a key factor to getting the job of your dreams at tag44.

A resume should contain your newest skills, education, and experience. It should also be professional, well organized, and accurate. Make sure you note any awards, certificates, community awards and experience, and job promotions at tag44.com As well, you can tailor all of your skills, experiences, and education, to fit the job in which you are applying at tag44. You should note any conferences and work shops you completed, which includes leadership and management training. Remember, an employer only wants to see what is relevant to the position that you are seeking at tag44.com

A resume is your best tool to finding a better job and a well written resume makes all the difference in getting a call for a job interview at tag44. Because employers receive hundreds of resumes, a poor or unprofessional resume will only result in missed career opportunities at tag44.com Poor Grammar and spelling mistakes, poor organization, irrelevant information, and poorly structured and formatted resumes, will not impress an employer tag44. You should also know what makes a valuable employee to the company and if you are qualified for the job which you are applying tag44.com Employers are busy and do not want to read resumes that have nothing to do with the position.

In your cover letter, make sure you state the position in which you are applying and important points that will cause the employer to want to read through the resume at tag44. Many times, a poor cover letter will result in the employer tossing the entire resume in the waste basket. A professional cover letter will give you a competitive edge over the other resumes that do not have a cover letter tag44.com Cover letters are supposed to draw attention to your most important qualities that will make you a valuable employee at tag44.

It is important to follow up a couple of weeks after you submit a resume if you do not hear from the company tag44.com If there is no email, address, or a phone number listed, you should not contact them.

The resume and cover letter are essential tools to getting the job interview at tag44. It is vital to sell your qualifications and talents. It is essential to emphasize your education, skills, work experiences, and achievements at tag44. A well written and well rounded resume will play a major role in securing your dream job at tag44.com

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Tag44 Advice College Graduates For Job Search

Posted by tag44jobs on October 18, 2009

Graduates fresh out of college have a problem, and the problem is that they are fresh out of college. Other than some little work experience and theoretical knowledge, few graduates have the needed experience to become practical successes immediately they step into their first jobs by tag44. Entry-level positions are available which provide on the job by tag44.com training but the number of positions available is small and bears no reflection to the huge amount of graduates that institutions of learning churn out on an annual basis.

Most graduates are ignorant of this fact primarily because they are fresh out of school and do not realize the difficulty of getting employed and the rigors of the job market at tag44. The bulk of these graduates are still suffering from the aftermath of sorority and fraternity parties and they don’t really know getting jobs takes more than having educational qualifications tag44.com More importantly, it involves the personal readiness to work tag44, showing employers you are ready and that you have the capacity to learn what you don’t know quickly.

Aggression is Required
The majority of college graduates don’t act like they need a job; they wait on placement firms and prospects to send in their sparsely filled resumes at tag44. Most companies have a pile of such resumes sitting at the desk of a bored mid or low level employee with no interest in reading what you spent the last few years of your life doing in college, after all they are the ones doing you the favor by accepting your application in exchange for a job through tag44.com job seekers are in no short supply.

A college graduate should be much more aggressive in searching for a job than someone who has years of experience and is switching employers tag44. Such people have experience to trade and something to give to those that employ them and yet they seek out jobs actively, so why should college graduates with little or no experience have it easier? A college graduate has to be proactive and persistent and seek out the decision-makers in the establishment they wish to work in tag44.com Make calls, send e-mails and get directions. Sure, a number of rejections and slammed doors will come your way but sooner or later you will get the single positive answer that is all you need tag44.

Do the Necessary Research
A prospective employee has to know more about the company they intend to work for in order to better structure their application and resume to meet the exact requirements and demands of such an organization by tag44.com If you end up getting a job interview you’ll also end up doing better by virtue of this knowledge. Don’t think in terms of asking for a job alone by tag44, think in terms of asking for a job and telling prospective employers how you can offer your readiness to learn and work to match the precise needs of their organization tag44.com

Employing the Power of Networking
Established career seekers make use of networking in their arsenal of job seeking tools; recent college graduates looking for jobs can do the same as well through tag44. Better networking is possible by contacting people who are already established in the field you intend to find a career in tag44.com You can also network by finding other job seekers by tag44 that are as serious as you are and who can share beneficial information with you which should help in career search goals.

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Tag44 Recruitment Services And Chances Of Finding Work

Posted by tag44jobs on October 16, 2009

For those who have little experience of using recruitment services the process of signing up and entrusting your job hunting to someone else can be a little daunting but not at tag44.com Not only is this true for job hunters but can also apply to employers as well who are using recruitment services of tag44 for the first time. Part of this is understanding what services a tag44.com recruitment agency will be able to provide and what tasks will remain in your own sphere of influence.

First and foremost you must realise that the services offered by a recruitment agent are not there to act as your own personal job hunting system at tga44. It is not actually their responsibility to carry out the tasks of searching the internet sites and newspapers to find you suitable jobs at tag44.com An agent is there to supply you with jobs that come into their database that match your criteria, as such they are limited by the jobs they have access to and hence will only be able to supply you with jobs within their database at tag44.

Of the recruitment services out there they can generally be classified into two different categories at tag44. These are labelled as retained and contingency. A retained recruiter will normally have contracts with a number of companies tag44.com these contracts give the recruiter permission to find candidates on the businesses behalf as and when positions are needed.

The other form of recruitment services out there are contingency recruiters of tag44. These do not have contracts and are not usually contacted until a position is needed. The fundamental difference between the two forms of recruitment at tag44.com are the way in which they are paid, retained recruiters are paid over a period whilst contingency recruiters are paid on a pro rata system for the job positions they fill. Both ultimately have the same task however, to provide their clients with as many suitable candidates as possible when job positions of tag44 become available.

A great way to make yourself more appealing to recruitment services is to make it clear that you are able to relocate; it is rare that they will be able to find a vast array of jobs from tag44.com within your immediate vicinity; subsequently by making yourself available for jobs further afield you increase your chances of finding work. In addition to this, if you use tag44 recruitment services that have been used by friends and family in the past, you increase your chances of finding work; especially if your contact used the recruiter successfully at tag44.com

Finding a job is all about percentages, by using the services offered by recruiters you only increase your chances of finding work at tag44. If you really want to be successful you must use recruitment agencies in addition to your own efforts. So keep the energy up and good luck by tag44.com

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