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Tag44 The Online Job Seeking Website

Posted by tag44jobs on November 10, 2009

Finding a job is not difficult but finding a good job is no doubt very difficult. With the help of tag44 online recruitment USA, you can easily find your dream job. The tag44.com online recruitment USA industries offer the job opportunities for the candidates free of cost. As far as employers are concerned, they can go for cost effective recruitment to tag44 to save some money. All you have to do is make a very attractive CV listing all your qualifications, your extracurricular certificates, awards and certificates tag44.com It is better to keep the awards and certificated at the end of the CV because the person who will read your CV will end up reading it with a positive mind.

The online recruitment agencies offer the employers to sign up at their website for flat fee recruitment or low cost tag44 recruitment (it depends on the agency that which type of recruitment it is offering). After paying the low cost recruitment fee, the employer is able to see the whole user database containing CVs at tag44.com If you also applied for a job using that agency then the employer will also be able to browse your CV. Like this there is a great chance then you might get selected fro the job the employer is looking for tag44. Drop your CV at many agency websites www.tag44.com to increase your chances of getting the job.

There is no doubt that tag44.com online recruitment is different from the normal recruitment process and sometimes the employer will find it difficult to select the best candidates for the job out of thousands available. If you will drop your CV at more than 3 or 4 job seeking tag44 websites then surely one of the employers of any company are going to contact you soon. As far as employers are concerned, they can go for cost effective tag44.com recruitment to save some money.

If you are a small business owner then the cost effective recruitment is best for you as you will be able to save a lot of money. The flat fee recruitment might not work for you as its charges are more because you have to them once at tag44. For job seekers, the online recruitment agencies are a fortune for them. They can make their carrier in just few clicks. If you are also one of those looking for the job, then immediately sign up with a job seeking website www.tag44.com so that the employers can find your CV through the recruitment agencies. Now you know the best method to find your dream job and start the new journey of your life. If your CV is really attractive then you can expect a call within 24 hours of dropping your CV at any good job seeking website tag44.com Take the benefit of this great facility you are able to avail while sitting on your computer at home.

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Tag44 Tips and Advice of Career Change

Posted by tag44jobs on July 20, 2009

In most cases people pick a career from a number of alternatives when their in their twenty’s. That’s a time when their unsure of what career to follow. Interests change as you move through life. You may be at that stage now or you may have lost your interest, or even become very bored at your present job. If you feel it’s time for a career change, follow this plan to guide you in setting a course of action by Tag44.

Before you change careers, you should do a lot of contemplation and homework. You should be aware of your strengths and weaknesses tag44. What are your interests? Do you feel that your skills can be applied to a career change?

Most career changers already have the answers to these questions, but don’t realize it. If the career changer takes the time to assess their goals, what they enjoy, what will keep them motivated, they probably will have all the answers tag44.com Some do this by just getting into a new career. Some need training for a new career. There are employers that offer training if the interviewer is impressed with the job seeker at tag44. Alternatively, the career changer may get the training through programs offered at local colleges and vocational institutions.

Most people look at the earning capacity while ignoring what they enjoy doing best. That’s a tragic mistake. Don’t misunderstand me, money is important, however enjoying what you do is also crucial to your career at tag44. So make sure whatever new career you enter into is a career that you enjoy and will keep you motivated.

Some people actually enjoy their present career, but dislike the department they are working in tag44.com If that is your situation, speak to your supervisor and try to get placed in a department that is more suitable for your needs.

Another similar example; to make a transition a little easier, the career changer’s present job is in sales at tag44 of medical equipment. In this situation, the salesperson should consider selling a different piece of medical equipment that will keep the salesperson motivated while enjoying the sales of the new product at tag44.com If you’re in a situation where you can sell more than one product why not go for it! You may find that even more interesting and more beneficial to your earnings.

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Minimize Workplace Negativity By Tag44

Posted by tag44jobs on July 17, 2009

The best way to combat workplace negativity is to keep it from occurring in the first place. These seven tips will help you minimize workplace negativity.

* Provide opportunities for people to make decisions about and control and/or influence their own job tag44. The single most frequent cause of workplace negativity we encounter is traceable to a manager or the organization making a decision about a person’s work without his/her input. Almost any decision that excludes the input of the person doing the work is perceived as negative tag44.com

* Make opportunities available for people to express their opinion about workplace policies and procedures. Recognize the impact of changes in such areas as work hours, pay, benefits, assignment of overtime hours, comp pay, dress codes, office location, job requirements, and working conditions at tag44. These factors are closest to the mind, heart and physical presence of each individual. Changes to these can cause serious negative responses tag44.com Provide timely, proactive responses to questions and concerns.

* Treat people as adults with fairness and consistency. Develop and publicize workplace policies and procedures that organize work effectively tag44. Apply them consistently. As an example, each employee has the opportunity to apply for leave time. In granting his request, apply the same factors to his application tag44 as you would to any other individual’s.

* Do not create “rules” for all employees, when just a few people are violating the norms. You want to minimize the number of rules directing the behavior of adult people at work tag44. Treat people as adults; they will usually live up to your expectations and their own expectations.

* Help people feel like members of the in-crowd; each person wants to have the same information as quickly as everyone else. Provide the context for decisions, and communicate effectively and constantly tag44. If several avenues or directions are under consideration, communicate all that you know, as soon as you know it. Reserve the right to change your mind later, without consequence, when additional factors affect the direction of ultimate decisions tag44.com

* Afford people the opportunity to grow and develop. Training, perceived opportunities for promotions, lateral moves for development, and cross-training are visible signs of an organization’s commitment to staff tag44.com

* Provide appropriate leadership and a strategic framework, including mission, vision, values, and goals. People want to feel as if they are part of something bigger than themselves tag44. If they understand the direction, and their part in making the desired outcomes happen, they can effectively contribute more.

* Provide appropriate rewards and recognition so people feel their contribution is valued. The power of appropriate rewards and recognition for a positive workplace is remarkable tag44. Suffice to say, reward and recognition is one of the most powerful tools an organization can use to buoy staff morale tag44.com

Take some time to analyze how well your organization is applying these seven recommendations. They form the foundation for positive staff morale and minimized negativity in your workplace like tag44.com dose.

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Tag44 Personnel Recruitment Agency

Posted by tag44jobs on July 7, 2009

Know all about Tag44 Personnel Recruitment Agency

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Tag44 Online Recruitment Implementation

Posted by tag44jobs on June 22, 2009

Tag44, an online resume sourcing platform offers an increasingly popular alternative to traditional recruiting and employer-based resume searches. With its resume search service, Tag44 enables employers to focus on interviewing and hiring, instead of searching for qualified applicants. Tag44.com has brought quantified impact to progressive recruiters with cost savings, time savings and faster hiring rates thank to focused resume sourcing.

Global recruitment experts agree that the changing economy brings a new challenge. Recruiters need to adjust quickly to the new resume sourcing needs. Some employment sectors like engineering, accounting and healthcare are doing well in some pockets and could be called strong in other areas. 60 – 80% of progressive recruiting is now vertical oriented. There are sectors with a high level of educational requirement including in engineering, CPA or healthcare and there is a continual demand in these areas.

Hiring managers and recruiters who find it difficult to fill specific requirements should broaden their resume search and Tag44 is the right solution to such needs. The soft employment numbers mean that many firms with mid-level positions are inundated with hundreds of resumes from unqualified applicants. When no successful candidate emerges, companies may spend thousands of dollars on advertising or recruiting firms hoping to find the right candidate, or they simply settle for an unqualified one. A platform like Tag44.com avoids this scenario because of its intelligent approach to resume sourcing. Tag44 does not go with a transactional approach to recruiting – that means dumping a large number of resumes on a large number of open positions (like job boards do) will not bring results, especially when there are specific needs. Fine searching, intelligent mapping and in-depth resume analysis is the need of the hour.

Free services at Tag44 include job order creation, resume creation, interview preparation, job fair directory, recruiter directory, company directory, job order sharing, job search, mobile recruitment and job search site and much more. Our resumes, job orders, and ads are audio, video and photo – logo enabled. We also brings 20 million global job opportunities, updated every hour using the best of web 2.0 technology. Tag44 does not get myopic on any one sector such as Information Technology. Check out the breadth of coverage over 50+ sectors and over 5000 sub sectors at http://www.tag44.com

For recruiters the partnership with Tag44 does not involve technology pains or, hardware investments. It is a zero investment start and a ‘true to economy’ revenue share model. Recruiters get to use the platform and all its features to generate revenues. There is no need to lock up capital or get pressured by unrealistic ROI scenarios. What makes the decision a no-brainer is the fact that online recruitment worldwide has taken, at a time when the luminaries of online business are shrinking. We also offers custom white labeled deployment on a non revenue share model.

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