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Tag44 for Employer and Employee Needs

Posted by tag44jobs on October 14, 2009

The best thought we heard in job industry – Employees looking for employers and Employers looking for employees. This is always stable in the past, present and in the future. There are many consultancies like tag44 and job mediators came around and built their focus. People are confused to find the best one. They can’t extract the good one as all the concerns are of same type, features and same rules & regulation at tag44.com

The need for Tag44 computing experts is growing. Large and small companies are looking for professionals with knowledge of Tag44.com computing, virtualization, and more. But matching a job seeker with the right employer is difficult. If you are looking for a change of scenery or searching for a new career, Tag44 jobs provides you the opportunity to find employers looking for your specific talents, in a multibillion dollar market that is growing every day.

Tag44.com is the No.1 Online Source for jobs in Computing, Software, Food industry and Life Science. This is not an ordinary job site. They specialize in matching applicants and recruiters, by focusing their service for one of today’s most in demand careers. Whether you are looking for a change of scenery or searching for a new career, tag44.com provides you the opportunity to find employers looking for your specific talents, in a multibillion dollar market that is growing every day.

Tag44 has the world’s largest computing and virtualization community, and access to thousands of companies across the globe. Your skills are in high demand, and at tag44.com they’re here to pair you up with recruiters interested in your specific skill set. Here at Tag44 Jobs, you can:

• Post your resume in the world’s largest recruiters computing community.

• Search through hundreds of jobs in your area.

• Research potential employers, including some of the leading tech companies in the world.

• Manage the entire search process easily.

• Find a new career in one of the few rapidly growing industries.

At Tag44.com Jobs, there is a place for Employers too. Employers don’t have to search through millions of resumes for applicants without the right expertise. Every member of Tag44 Jobs is a qualified expert in the skills that meet your needs, with skills in tag44.com computing, virtualization, and related subcomponents such as Data Centers, HPC and everything in between.

• Post unlimited job openings.

• Search through our comprehensive resume database.

• Locate your next great computing professional.

• Save time by accessing applicants with the expertise you need.

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Career in Network Administrator by Tag44

Posted by tag44jobs on July 28, 2009

Network administrator career is an ideal IT career if you find it irresistible to manage road and rail network for computers. Computer careers are among the best rising occupations, as expected for the period from 2002 to 2012 and network administrator and system administrator belong to these sets of career profiles tag44.

Duties Involved
A network technician or engineer designs, configures and sets up the infrastructure for a computer network. Once the network is configured, the administrator adds computer programs, such as e-mail, that the company’s workers use on a daily basis like tag44.com

A network administrator’s job generally depends on the size of the network for which he or she is accountable tag44. Adding new users to the network and configuring new devices, such as printers, to be used in the set of connections. Doing regular backups of the data in the set-up at tag44 so that if it crashes, nothing is vanished.

Places of Employment
Network administrator can work in computer and information technology based organizations.

Government and private firms and companies
Computer and network training institutes like schools, colleges and universities
Can manage public sectors.

Becoming a Network Administrator
In order to become network administrator, an individual can choose any of the following three educational qualifications:

Bachelor of Technology in network administration
Associate degree in network administration
Can go for certifications like MCSE,MCSA,CCNA,CCNP,RHCE etc

Apart from them, one can also opt for masters’ degree in the field to expand the reach of pursuing a superior career tag44. Specialized exams organized by various states can be considered after completing the necessary qualification in one of the above mentioned fields.

Career Profile
Career paths for network administrators can include transition into positions of greater dependability, including organization roles and other leadership positions. While salaries for such positions vary, experienced network administrators often get $50,000 per year or more. Completion of a certification in certain network software tag44, offered by variety of vendors and product makers, is sometimes required to qualify for entry-level position. But for an administrative position, your practical experience in technical aspects and people management is vital tag44.com

Network administrators profession can be pursued by individuals, who are willing to step into a wonderful career in the computer world tag44. It is suggested to gather more information before choosing the option to become a network systems administrator Stateuniversity.com is a competent online source information bank to provide accurate route to your career tag44.com

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Best Online Jobs By Tag44

Posted by tag44jobs on July 19, 2009

Finding the best online jobs has become a challenge these days due to the growing recession and the global economic meltdown paradigm. Earlier it used to be easy because plenty of jobs were available and only a few were available to do the works tag44. When people started getting fired from their conventional jobs they started seeking out newer opportunities in the freelancing job arena and now form a threaten to the genuine employed users who have been doing work at home jobs since the very beginning. You will have to refine your skills tag44, if you have to succeed in the field now.

Most of the online jobs in this segment will consist on writing assignments such as content writing, data entry and proofreading at tag44.com Thanks to the bloom in the SEO field now, they are also looking for quality writings. However, you can make good use of the situation and surge ahead of the pack. If you are not a native English speaker, it is always better to invest on good programmar software tag44. Such softwares will verify the grammatical mistakes which is present on your article and you will be able to produce high quality writings easily.

If you cannot invest on expensive grammar software, it is always good to try out in the field using the old school method tag44. Invest on good grammar books and understand the various concepts written in the book. The usage especially the active and the passive voice should be given prime importance along with prepositions. The list is virtually endless, but you get the idea right? All those hard work is going to be paid when you produce high quality works and the client will be delighted and will keep on providing you jobs that will last the entirety of your lifetime tag44.

The above were exclusively meant for writing jobs. However, there are many jobs in this niche such as programming, web development, animation and the same can be applied in those fields too. Try to practice and create unique works so that you surge ahead of others. Word may get around and people may come seeking your works tag44.com Never let the success rule your head, always look at the path that was taken to reach this position and remain humble in front of your clients. There are rare cases where people who have shown their brilliance in freelancing ended up with high paying jobs in large corporations tag44.

Since the online job arena is always expanding, some are always looking to cash in on the poor people. They ask money for their services whether it be finding newer jobs or clients or posting your bid in response to a client tag44. Make sure you stay away from such money mongers who are trying to make a living by cheating people who are into freelancing jobs. Such people usually linger in chat rooms and websites http://www.tag44.com they are afraid to create accounts in freelancing websites because once users start reporting them, their account may be deactivated.

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Career As An IT Professional At Tag44

Posted by tag44jobs on July 8, 2009

IT professionals should keep on acquiring number of skills to climb the ladder on this competitive industry. Learning new technologies will help them in career advancements which is a must in today’s world. As the IT industry has shaken up in this recession-hit market, the professionals do not trust their employers both for their job as well as monetary promotions any longer. So to be successful in this competitive IT world, you need to enhance your business skills along with your computer skills Tag44. IT training and certification are quite important to make your own mark before you step into this particular field. You also need to possess a number of other skills such as marketing, written communication, a basic knowledge on the financial situation of the world, networking and presentation skills. These basic skill-sets are not required at the onset of your career, but they will act as an added advantage if you wish to climb the stairs to success at a faster pace Tag44.

Many giant IT corporate organizations like CISCO and Microsoft have launched their own in-house training programs such as CCNA, CCNP, MCTS, MCITP and MCSE. These credentials assist IT professionals to improve their on-hands experience and also provide them with sufficient exposure to the actual work proficiency required in the IT industry at Tag44. Once you are well-versed with core application frameworks such as ASP.NET or VB.NET, you can bring to light your core expertise and skills. This in turn helps improve your credentials as a successful IT professional.

Writing skills and the art of presentation are also must for any professional working in the IT industry. Sometimes you need to prepare a proposal, a contract or even a business report. For this, a precise and qualified writing skill is necessary to enhance the impact and effect of these reports on the targeted readers or clients at Tag44. Through good proposals, you will be able to convert your prospects into returning clients. Effective communication skills and able presentation ability should be incorporated into your basic skills. This will not only help in impressing the clients, but will also win you many potentially fruitful business partnerships Tag44.

You also have the option of gaining knowledge on CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) and CHFI (Computer Hacking Forensic Investigators). Hackers are hired by a lot of internationally acclaimed organizations today for security purposes, and of course, to counter criminal hacking within their servers. CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) is a security certification and this skill should be inculcated by the IT professionals in Tag44. Finance management skills are also important to keep a check on the flow of money. Comptia certification and A+ certification should also be earned to take you to the next level of the IT world. Networking skills also plays quite an important role while handling your clients. A relationship needs to be built between you and your prospective consumer group and a balanced need is to be maintained all the time.

A successful IT professional, whether he is working with the global leader Microsoft or in a small IT hub of an Asian nation, never limits himself from adjusting to the changing face of IT and learning new technological advancements Tag44. Be it programming languages such as SQL, Oracle or SOX or project management systems such as PMP, an IT professional is not only supposed to be the jack of all trades, but the master of all too!

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Need Of College Education For A Good Job

Posted by tag44jobs on July 3, 2009

It is the age old question about going to college or not. Will an associate degree or business administration degree help a student find a job? Working backwards from the successful job interview at Tag44, what does a student have to do to become not just employable but in demand?

The typical cycle from high school-to college-to employment goes something like this:

1. Pick and attend a college where they have programs that are of interest to the student
2. Spend two, four, or more years at college learning the theory of the area of the student’s interest
3. Pick up some part time work along the way—most likely unrelated to the intended career path
4. Prepare a resume
5. Apply for a position
6. If you “make the cut” you will first interview with Human Resources (HR)
7. If you make the “short list” from HR, you get to interview with the manager you potentially will work with
8. Hopefully get the position

Step six is the major hurdle to overcome. It could be said that the purpose of the HR department is to reject resumes. That’s right—rejects them before the manager even gets to talk to you. So what can you do to get to the interview stage?

In short, you have to have the qualifications and experience that the employer organization is looking for. HR is sifting through resumes for education and experience that fit the position you are competing for Tag44. If you miss out, you start all over which can be very frustrating to say the least. You could have been the perfect fit for the company but never got past the preliminary HR sorting process Tag44.

Students and their parents, who are funding the college education, should look at this from a different viewpoint. Start with what employers need and want, not what might be fun or interesting at college for the student Tag44.com It is certainly not going to be fun getting a degree that no one is hiring for.

What would work is “Career Education.” In other words, get a college education that is also career education. While it might be difficult for a high school graduate to know precisely his/her career path, however that should not preclude going down the road of making oneself very employable by the time he/she graduates Tag44. If someone wants to be a computer programmer, then he/she had better show up at the interview with real knowledge and experience of programming.

A solution is to find a college that offers both career education as well as practical experience in the form of internships or apprenticeships Tag44. A career education could be defined as an education where the student can proficiently apply what they learned in class. That is what employers are looking for—employees who can be productive from day one.

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