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Tag44 Guide To Nursing Jobs

Posted by tag44jobs on September 3, 2009

Of all the jobs in the medical profession, nurses occupy the largest number of jobs. It is not just a noble profession but also gives lot of self satisfaction to those who pursue this career. Nursing jobs are opening up everywhere with the expansion of the healthcare industry and recruitment agency like Tag44. Hospitals, nursing homes, private clinics, schools, industries, NGOs, and many other fields employ nurses. To get a job in nursing, one has to go through the required training from a registered institute. After the education at tag44.com there is mandatory practical training under the supervision of seniors, after which one can take up independent charge.

Nurses are the primary care givers for ailing patients, which makes their job both exciting and challenging at the same time tag44. The responsibility of a nurse is critical as he/she is responsible for proper care of a recuperating patient. Also, nurses don’t just provide care to the sick but are also responsible to provide health-related education to the well. To become a nurse and join this profession, only formal education is not enough tag44.com

A good nurse would have the basic spirit to serve. He/she would have a loving nature, immense dedication, gentle behavior and endless patience. All this is required to take care of the ailing patients tag44. It is a very demanding atmosphere that nurses work in. They have to take care of those who are physically weak, just born babies, mothers in labor, injured people, old patients, mentally deranged people and also those who are recuperating after serious illnesses tag44.com All this requires a lot of stamina and physical strength too. Hence, a nurse should possess all these qualities to be good at his/her job.

Nursing is a specialized field and requires specialized education and training. There are proper degree, diploma, certificate and post-graduate courses available in nursing tag44. With the advancement in technology and new equipment being used in the healthcare industry, nursing courses have also evolved though the basic course structure remains the same tag44. After the course, one can look forward to getting a job in nursing at various places.

The biggest employer of nurses is hospitals where many general nurses are required. Nurses have to work in a round the clock environment at hospitals and nursing homes tag44. So, working in shifts is normal. At hospitals, the primary responsibility of nurses is to provide bed-side care to patients. Nurses assist main doctors when they come on visits and maintain the record of temperature, BP, pulse rate etc of patients regularly or advised by the doctor. It is the duty of the nurses to change dressings and help patients who are not up and about in personal care tag44. Also, it is the job of nurses to administer medicines to patients and give injections if required. Nurses also assist doctors in the operation theatre tag44.com Nurses ensure a hygienic and germ-free environment for patients. The job of a nurse is very demanding and requires putting in at least 8 to 10 hours of work each day. To perform all these functions smoothly and effectively, nurses have to be not just skilled and trained but also calm and understanding tag44.

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Medical Job Search Tips By Tag44

Posted by tag44jobs on May 26, 2009

The demand for Medical job is, in fact, consistently growing because there were also notable increases in medicine and health care-related job searches. It reported a total of 3.5 million searches just in the Internet and a particular web site alone like Tag44.

Finding a job in the medical field can be very tedious and daunting, especially with all those millions of competitors all vying for the same related work field. Therefore, for people who wish to obtain some edge over the others and have higher possibilities that they can get the medical job they have long wanted to have, here are some tips by Tag44 to guide them through:

1. The key to your dream job is in the resume
Gone are the days of the so-called “cookie-cutter” resumes. What matters most is to incorporate all the details being asked in the job posting. The employer seeks to find the details he had posted in the listing; hence, he would be expecting to find it on the applicant’s resume. Make certain that the resume matches the qualifications that the potential employer is seeking.

2. Applicant’s should have previous experience already
The key point into getting a good medical job is based on the fact that prior to the application, the applicant should, by all means, try to generate some work experience even if the starting salary is just minimal. As long as it will give a person some kind of work experience, he or she should never hesitate to grab the opportunity given by Tag44. In reality, 60% of the hiring employers are interested with the work experience, with all the other qualifications set aside.

3. For medical job searches online, it is best if the applicant will narrow job searches.
This means that the person should use terms that are more specific with regards to the kind of medical job he or she is looking for. It will not necessarily give the applicant a thousand results, but at least the applicant can generate at least 10 to 20 job searches with greater possibility of acquiring a job such as Tag44. The bottom line is that medical related jobs are not that hard to find. With some determination and persistence the chances of obtaining the ideal job is just a matter of time.

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Tag44 Medical Jobs for Healthcare Professionals

Posted by tag44jobs on May 26, 2009

Medical Jobs for healthcare professionals are available in premier healthcare facilities in the United States. These jobs usually carry excellent remuneration and benefits. Suitably qualified professionals in physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology and associated fields can apply for these jobs throught Tag44.

Medical Job Openings in a Variety of Settings
Highly acclaimed medical jobs are offered in healthcare environments such as hospitals, school systems, long term care facilities, home health systems and residentially based therapy programs. With an increasing number of individuals opting for healthcare programs, the demand for healthcare professionals is also on the rise. Usually, medical jobs give the professionals a chance to work in advanced medical environments, gain exposure and enhance their career growth and Tag44 plays a major role in this.

Responsibilities of Healthcare Professionals in the Medical Field
Healthcare professionals aid patients to regain their health and well-being, thereby enabling them to participate in daily activities, and improve physical capabilities. He/she should set goals, formulate treatment plans as well as evaluate the outcome of their therapies. As a healthcare professional, one would have to deal with individuals, families and communities.

How to Find Medical Jobs
Nowadays, the facility for online job search helps you avoid time-consuming activities such as hunting for job listings in newspapers. Recruiting agencies like Tag44 maintain job databases and candidates can register their name online. Once registered, you will be informed of vacancies as and when they arise. Before applying, it is best to have a clear idea regarding what kind of employer you want to work with. Depending on your job description and preferences, recruiters as Tag44 can provide you with the right job positions.

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Healthcare and Life Science Jobs

Posted by tag44jobs on April 20, 2009

Tag44 firmly believe Healthcare and Life sciences based organizations need to work in partnership with search consultants who understand their field and know how to find managerial talent both globally and locally. The current competitive environment requires high caliber executives to lead the increasing demand for ever better results. We all work with the aim of serving major clients on a regional basis and to draw specialists together to share information and leverage our knowledge in order to deliver the most effective results possible to our clients.

We usually conduct searches for top executives as well as for sales, marketing, R&D, human resources, finance and operations managers. Our dedicated team, with their depth of experience and market knowledge, can help you acquire and develop the executive talent you need.

As life sciences continue to experience radical change in the competitive landscape; strong leadership talent is the differentiators. We have the market leadership in the search for senior executives and directors of key business areas in life science corporations and that is based on practice specialists with years of credible experience. Tag44 goal is to find smart, sophisticated business professionals who are technically literate, globally astute, and operationally agile. Our art lies in our ability to locate and entice such individuals to your organization. This ability is forged through our collective industry, educational and sector expertise and our reputation for tenacity, service excellence, problem solving and creativity.

The following positions are available in the Pharmaceutical/Healthcare Industry:
• Scientist/Research Scientist
• Clinical Project Manager
• Clinical Trial Manager
• Research Executive
• Formulation Scientist
• Regulatory Affair manger
• QA/QC Manger
• Clinical Consultant

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