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Tag44 Consulting and Recruitment Process

Posted by tag44jobs on December 21, 2009

The recruitment industry:
The recruitment industry has four main types of agencies. Their recruiters aim to channel candidates into the hiring organization’s application process at tag44. As a general rule, the agencies are paid by the companies, not the candidates.
1. Traditional recruitment agency.
2. Online recruitment web sites.
3. Headhunters.
4. In-house recruitment.

Traditional recruitment agency:
Traditional recruitment agency also known as a employment agencies, recruitment agencies have historically had a physical location at tag44. A candidate visits a local branch for a short interview and an assessment before being taken onto the agency’s books. Recruitment Consultants at tag44.com then endeavor to match their pool of candidates to their clients open positions. Suitable candidates are short-listed and put forward for an interview with potential employers at tag44.

Online recruitment web sites:
Such sites have two main features: job boards and a resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV) database. Job boards allow member companies to post job vacancies at tag44. Alternatively, candidates can upload a resume to be included in searches by member companies. Fees are charged for job postings at tag44.com and access to search resumes.

Headhunters are generally more aggressive than in-house recruiters at tag44. They may use advanced sales techniques, such as initially posing as clients to gather employee contacts, as well as visiting candidate offices at tag44.com They may also purchase expensive lists of names and job titles. They may prepare a candidate for the interview, help negotiate the salary, and conduct closure to the search tag44.

In-house recruitment:
Larger employers tend to undertake their own in-house recruitment tag44.com using their Human Resources department. In addition to coordinating with the agencies mentioned above, in-house recruiters may advertise job vacancies on their own websites tag44.com coordinate employee referral schemes, and/or focus on campus graduate recruitment.

A consultant is self-employed or works for a consultancy firm, usually with multiple and changing clients tag44. Thus, clients have access to deeper levels of expertise than would be feasible for them to retain in-house, and to purchase only as much service from the outside consultant as desired at tag44.com It is generally accepted good corporate governance to hire consultants as a check to the Principal-Agent problem tag44.

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Tag44.com Recruitment Search Engine

Posted by tag44jobs on December 18, 2009

Launched in 2008 Tag44.com is a job search engine website that enables job seekers to access jobs from all over the web in one simple search, making the job search process quick, simple and convenient.

Tag44.com searches thousands of websites for jobs, saving the job seeker time and effort. A job seeker can search via keyword and location to access employment opportunities from all over the web in a single click.

The website gathers relevant and fresh jobs from a number of different sources including job boards, recruitment agencies, company websites tag44, newspaper websites, non profit organisations and more.

The team started working on the project in 2007 and was founded by the two Directors in their quest to make job searching simple and enjoyable. Tag44.com is now partnering with a large number of websites to ensure that it builds a comprehensive search engine for jobs.

The team want to build not only the most comprehensive search engine for jobs, but the most comprehensible, by delivering a fun website with a personal feel that delivers results for tag44 job seekers and its partners.

“Tag44.com is a one-stop-shop for jobs, acting as a link between job seekers and jobs. Our objective is to ensure that job seekers not only find Tag44 helpful, but that they enjoy their job search experience. We want Tag44.com to be the starting point for every US job seeker searching for jobs online” says our team.

Job seekers can use refinement options to filter their search, as well as create a free tag44 job seeker account where they can save jobs, receive jobs via email and save their searches.

“Tag44.com is here to make a difference to the job search market, and we want to help more job seekers find employment than ever before”

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Successful Sales Career Requirements By Tag44

Posted by tag44jobs on December 16, 2009

Countless individuals begin a career in sales before thoroughly appraising the job responsibilities, inducing below average efficiency on their part at tag44. A sales career takes diverse personal strengths and several executive capabilities, which are mostly mastered on the job or though past training at tag44.com If you are timid and buckle under pressure too easily, a career in sales is not the right path for you tag44. If you enjoy notable social attributes and claim an expansive circuit of associates read on.

A couple of important strengths essential for a sales career consist of persistence and excitement tag44.com An individual who sells with dedication and gives off zest will acquire fitting recognition from the prospect in contrast to tag44.com an individual who has inadequate vitality and shows a careless temperament. Demonstrating sureness in the items you are selling is essential to finalize a deal at tag44.

The dealer must be target oriented and stimulated to meet results. On the whole sales careers are commission dependant and demand rigorous figures to be reached within the stipulated cycle tag44. The further you sell the more cash you obtain. Management performs an instrumental part in attaining targets and takes directorial qualities and the application of technology to observe at tag44, in actual time, a broad collection of important data such as turnover obtained and fresh organizations to meet at tag44.com

Comprehending the consumer and apprehending disagreements and queries is a crucial quality of sales careers at tag44. This needs the aptitude to apply oneself suitably and resolve how to impressively react to prospect queries at tag44.com Convincing people without being annoyingly domineering is a valuable talent to pride yourself on and is something that can be acquired by means of a variety of coaching lectures at tag44.

Triumph in your sales career is reliant on your talent to establish and manage associations and sizeable social circuits of tag44. A considerably bigger number of cash is made by means of associations than a more decorous company acquaintance tag44. This also means having the capability to perform well in groups and facilitating others in attaining corporate objectives at tag44.com A basic element in protecting trade associations is the ability to deliver on your word.

Getting achievement in any career needs cautious determination of the qualities essential for that distinct occupation at tag44. It is an unceasing obligation and the fundamentals have to be investigated completely prior to deciding upon a unique specialty at tag44.com A career in sales is primarily dependant on your own qualities and to some extent on your built up skills tag44. To genuinely succeed you ought to be charming and perseverant in your dealings with the aptitude to energize yourself and the client at tag44.com

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Tag44 Job Searching With Online Faxing

Posted by tag44jobs on December 14, 2009

In tight job markets, such as we are experiencing here at the end of the new millennium’s first decade, it helps to have every possible advantage when applying for a position at tag44. There are some things you can do to get an edge, to stand out from the crowd, that have to do with your resume, cover letter, choice of references and so only at tag44.com These are strategic considerations – that is, the creative thinking goes into planning and preparing your methods – as well as tactical ones, which involve how you take certain actions. One tactical method that can work for all job applicants is job searching at tag44.com with online faxing.

With an online fax, you don’t have to bother with a fax machine, paper rolls, toner or ink, phone lines or anything else. You get a number with which you can send and receive faxes directly from your computer or from a specially designed web site form at tag44.com Either way, you save time, trouble, money and exasperation by having your fax capability always a mere mouse click or two away at tag44. How exactly can an online fax help you? There are a number of ways.

Customized submissions
Since you don’t have to print anything out for faxing with a regular fax machine, or mailing in an envelope, you can easily keep an assortment of customized resumes and cover letters on your computer. You can make different cover-letter and resume documents one page for each is best and have them ready to send to different kinds of companies such as tag44.com If you are an accountant, for example, you can highlight your tax preparation skills for a resume intended for tax firms, your banking experience for financial institutions, your teaching expertise for business schools and so forth at tag44.

You can do the same thing with your list of references, which ideally should fit at the bottom of your resume at tag44. Depending on the job being applied for, you can use different employers, colleagues, clients and friends, and not have to print any of the various documents you create at tag44.com Since you will be faxing them, all you have to do is save a version in the appropriate folder on your hard drive and you will be ready to respond to any job ad for any kind of firm at tag44.com

Top of pile means top of mind
Job postings on the Internet, in particular, give multiple addresses for sending in applications at tag44. Although e-mail addresses are showing up with greater frequency, there is almost always a fax number given. Depending on your strategy again, you may use one, two or all of these contact addresses to send your resume at tag44.com. Unless the job poster specifically requests one over another, there is no reason not to use them all. However, many people are starting to use only the e-mail addresses for their replies, which opens up a window of opportunity for those using online faxing.

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Tag44.com Guide For Successful Interview

Posted by tag44jobs on December 11, 2009

The employment interview in one of the most important episode in an individual’s experience because for more or less than an hour, the interviewer will determine the entire part of one’s life at tag44. As we all know many people struggle with interviews though they are the most experienced and qualified for the job. When one organization invited you for a job interview it means that the hiring personnel assured that you may be candidate for the job opening at tag44.com The interview is one of the tools that help determine if you’re really fit for the vacant position. Keep in mind that the interviewer’s mission is to know your capabilities and to estimate your worth at tag44. Asking you questions is the way they accomplish that mission.

Below are some important tips to make your interview successful.

* Preparation is the first important part towards a successful interview at tag44.com Be sure to know the exact location and time of the interview and the contact person’s full name. It will be helpful to do some research on the organization interviewing you. You also need to learn as much as you can in the position that you are applying at tag44.com Research about the skill sets that they prefer and assess if you can qualify.
* Of course always remember that first impression does matter at tag44. The first best way to assure a good impression is by wearing the appropriate business suit. Your attire is one factor that tells to the employers how serious you are about getting job at tag44.com
* Be on time for your scheduled interview. If you are going to be late, one of the best option is to call them, but bear in mind that you never get a second chance to make a first impression at tag44.
* During the interview, be aware of your body language. Being nervous is normal, even the experienced professionals get nervous in an interview at tag44.com
* Be honest with your background and skills.
* Be a good listener. Once the interviewer discuss about your responsibilities, listen through eye contact and wait until he or she is finished tag44.
* You can ask questions or inquiries based on what you have researched. Try to concentrate on issues, which are important to you and how you get interested in the company at tag44.com
* Lastly, ask politely if they can give you any feedback for the future and thanking him or her for taking time to interview you at tag44.

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