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Tag44 Career Counseling | Career Advice

Posted by tag44jobs on April 8, 2009

Career counseling advisors assess your interests, personality, values and skills; help you to explore career options & research graduate. Career counseling is the One-on-one or group professional assistance in exploration and decision making tasks related to choosing a major/occupation, transitions into the world of work or further professional training.

The primary purpose of career counseling is to help you learn how to explore and investigate potential majors and occupations. Interest inventories and career tests will not tell you what you could or should do. They will, however, help you organize your thoughts and ideas about majors, careers and occupations. Your counselor will review the results with you and show you how to explore and investigate those majors/occupations that interest you.

We at Tag44 know that from time to time, you may feel your career is not moving ahead as it should and may need career advice. You might have decided to pursue a new direction. It is possible you need a fresh start. If so, career counseling advice can provide a fresh direction and purpose.

When you’re searching for the right job or the right career advice, there can be significant uncertainty in:
• Identifying how to find solid career advice.
• Creating a job search strategy that is built on career counseling right for you.
• Identifying the right opportunities.
• Building the skills to attract the attention and land that opportunity.

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Uniqueness of Tag44

Posted by tag44jobs on April 6, 2009

Corporate Assistance operates as a hybrid practice; noticeably different from pure search: results-driven rather than process-driven. Cultivating of a wide personal network of contacts has resulted in access to a larger and deeper pool of promising candidates. Each new client or candidate relationship becomes a joint venture based on integrity, open communication, common values and trust. We work to enhance the candidate’s long term career goals within the complimentary culture of the organization.

You will find us highly accessible, return calls promptly and treat client and candidates with respect. We understand the importance of detail and follow-through. There will be no loose ends or unanswered questions at the end of the search process.

We work to ensure each placement enhances our Clients’ ability to meet and exceed business objectives, helping to identify their unique competitive advantage and provide candidates who possess expertise, fit the culture and will build long-term company value.

How Tag44 is Different

• We at Tag44 regularly update & maintain our in- house database of qualified & potential job seekers.
• Our clients get the access to a huge database of passive candidates who otherwise are
• We provide pre-screened & scrutinized candidates to the clients.
• Our dedicated team works hard in providing the client with a talent who would compliment their existing team.
• We believe in providing the best of customer service along with your staffing needs as you will get to speak with the same person every time you call.

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Introduce to Tag44

Posted by tag44jobs on April 6, 2009

Tag44 is the fastest growing staffing companies in the United States & we have client’s ranging from multinational corporations to medium-sized businesses. At Tag44, we firmly believe that our candidates are just like our clients too .Our aim is to always bring parties together for mutual benefit. Influential companies from all over the country demand recruiting services with our style and philosophies. They understand how we work; how we treat candidates, how we advocate talent, and how we handle adversity. These companies also recognize the fact that they get straight answers and that we respect the way in which they want the company represented. We have earned the trust of these companies through solid ethics, stamina and savvy that we invest in every relationship.

Two driving forces contribute to a phenomenal record. The first is keen insight into our client’s specific needs and objectives. Second is an ongoing commitment to perform at the highest levels of ethical and business practice. We are hired for our proven, long-term expertise: The unique ability to discover a particular blend of talent, professional promise and character that drives certain individuals to succeed. Our databanks are rich with profiles of high performance individuals. They are screened by mission-specific recruiters who become the catalyst for successful career moves. We provide the “right fit” for our candidates and companies that enable win-win situations for all parties involved.

We have earned our stellar reputation over the last 5 years. We plan on continuing to thrive in years to come by exceeding your expectations.

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