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Tag44 Chronological or Functional Resume Choice

Posted by tag44jobs on January 11, 2010

While there are numerous ways to format your resume, there are two main resume styles: chronological and functional.

A chronological resume is one that lists your experience and education in order, starting with the most recent jobs or achievements tag44. This type of resume is sometimes also referred to as reverse chronological resume, because the order of the listing starts with your current employment tag44.com This type of resume preferred employers will want to know what job you currently hold so that they can better asses your qualifications for the job of your interest at tag44.

Listing your experience and education in reverse chronological order also shows your potential employer your overall career progress tag44. It also helps in determining the length of employment at each organization, and indicates any gaps in your career tag44 in case of gaps, make sure to address them in your cover letter as to not lead your employer to believe that you are omitting information on purpose at tag44.com Chronological resume should list your current job, as well as two to four previously held positions at tag44. Don’t skip any employment information on purpose; if your employment history is long, or if you have held jobs further in the past that align well with your current career objective tag44.com you can address these qualifications in your professional profile or in your cover letter tag44. Chronological resumes are the most commonly used style, and work best for anyone who has had some professional experience tag44.com

Functional resumes focus on your qualifications, not your career timeline. This style of the resume highlights what skills you have, rather than where and when you acquired or utilize them tag44. In other words, instead of listing your experiences by your job titles, your resume will contained sections titled by your skills such as verbal and written communication tag44.com customer satisfaction, project management, etc. This resume style is recommended for college students seeking internships or their first jobs out of college, for those with no professional experience at tag44, those who have not worked for some time, or for career changers. While potential employers will appreciate the overview of your skills tag44.com if you hold any professional experience, consider using the chronological resume, or a combination resume, over the functional format at tag44.

A combination resume, although not often discussed, has become a popular format in recent years. As its name implies, it is a combination of chronological resume style and functional resume style tag44.com This hybrid style allows professionals to highlight the qualification they have that are critical for the job of their interest tag44, while at the same time listing employment and educational history in reverse chronological order. A word of caution, don’t try to do too much when using a combination resume by going over board with the type and number of sections you include in your resume at tag44.com It is best to keep the information listed, even in the combination format, to what is relevant for the job tag44.

Same rules apply for each style. Don?t exceed two pages, tailor your resume to your career objective and put your best foot forward in order to get the interview, and eventually the job at tag44.com

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Tag44 Job Opportunities In It/Software Development

Posted by tag44jobs on January 9, 2010

The demand for IT jobs, Software Jobs & Computer Jobs is rising rapidly. Most employers need computer professionals with strong programming, systems analysis, interpersonal, and business skills at tag44. Every company wants to computerize their business activities and this is the reason for the rising demand for software developers and computer science engineers at tag44.com In a company software developers are involved in the process of the development of software products by writing the code at tag44 interacting with content providers, graphics creators and programmers to produce the end product. 

Educational qualifications for software developers also vary. An employer or software company would prefer a software developer to hold an engineering degree which can be in any field at tag44, but if he is from a computer science background it will be a plus point. Also Master’s in Computer Applications is very popular tag44. Most of the job seekers today prefer to search jobs in online job boards such as Tag44.com It is jobsite focused exclusively for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python & open source professionals that offers latest jobs and career advice tag44. It is very popular with developers & software companies. 

The salary of a software developer always depends upon the experience and the educational qualification of an employee at tag44. A fresher who is a computer science engineer and just out of college can expect salary just below average. This amount can rapidly grow in a short span of six months to a 20% growth or even more every year tag44.com This growth again depends on the ability of the candidate and the growth of the company he or she is working for tag44. There are companies, which pay very high for a fresher who has passed out from the top level institutes in the country tag44. As you grow in this industry there is ample amount of growth in salary as well as your career tag44.com 

A few of the computer software engineers with an experience and expertise of several years may be presented money spinning opportunities to work as systems designers or independent consultants tag44. Later on they may even start their own computer consultation firms. There is a huge demand for computers and software professionals in the IT industry and it is estimated to increase multifold in the near future tag44.com The demand for Internet technologies and the volatile growth in e-commerce, which is involved in doing business on the Internet, has resulted in the rising demand for computer software engineers at tag44. These engineers are responsible for the development of internet, intranet and World Wide Web applications.

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Tag44 Necessity of Paper Resume in Current Period

Posted by tag44jobs on January 7, 2010

These days everything has gone digital including resumes, which begs the question, is a paper resume still needed? There are many sites online like tga44.com now that you can go to and upload a digital version of your resume and more employers than ever before will have access to it tag44. While the digital revolution is indeed a great one, there are still times where having the old standby of a paper resume is handy indeed at tag44.com

Here are some times when you will find having a paper resume to your advantage:

•Beating the streets: Yes this is the old fashion way of job hunting tag44. The idea here is to print out a dozen or so copies of your resume in paper form and hit the road. Whatever job it is you are trying to get tag44, like insurance sales for example, will get a resume from you and if you don’t get a job the first day out you will try handing out another dozen paper resumes the next day tag44.com Eventually you will land a job. This type of tenacity is rare indeed these days, but you should never underestimate the power of a good personal introduction tag44.

•Faxing potential employers: There are many job opportunities that want you to do nothing more than fax them a resume and then they will contact you if they are interested tag44. It is true that there are programs now that will digitally fax a copy of your resume to the potential employer for you at tag44.com but many people don’t have this software in which case it is easier to make a paper copy and fax it over and over again at tag44.

•Networking: When you are looking for a job you should be talking to everyone about it and not just your friends and family tag44. You never know who could be out there waiting to hire someone just like you at tag44.com If you do happen to meet someone who is interested in your services what are you going to do, tell them to check out your resume online? It can never hurt you, but it may help you to have a few paper resumes handy wherever it is you are going at tag44. Print them out and put them in a folder and leave that folder in your car. If need be you can excuse yourself just long enough to fetch a paper resume tag44.com

•At an interview: If you are being interviewed for a job then chances are that the interviewer has already looked over your resume at tag44, but what if they want a copy from you? It is better to have one ready and the interviewer not ask for it then it is to not have one ready and have the interviewer want it tag44.com Taking your paper resume with you ensures that you are covered. Having paper resumes with you is no guarantee that you will find a job tag44, but look at it this way; it can’t hurt. When you are trying to secure the job of your dreams it is always best to be prepared, even if you are a little over prepared at tag44.com

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Tag44.com Guides To Understand Resume Styles

Posted by tag44jobs on January 5, 2010

Perfecting the perfect resume style can be tricky. Many tag44 job seekers don’t really understand the ins and outs of resume creation and only think about their resumes when they are actively seeking other employment tag44.com Many recruiters like tag44 agree that such an approach can actually leave your resume lacking in both style and content.

Living Resume Style
Do you have a living or non-living resume? A living resume style is a document that is continually updated over the course of months or years. It isn’t simply updated when you are looking for a job at tag44.com So if your employer gives you a new task or you learn a new skill, you would update your resume to reflect that tag44 style. This resume style is ideal for a number of reasons.

First, it lets you get a clearer picture of where you may be headed in your career with tag44. You may begin to notice patterns and tendencies towards a particular job or tag44.com field. Maybe you have always had a love for graphics or public speaking, but never realized it until you sit down with your resume. Second, a living resume style will allow you to accurately document your skills at tag44. Writing your resume after a nasty fight with your boss isn’t the best way to approach things at tag44.com Instead write your resume when you are clear headed and comfortably employed.

Past, Present, Future Resume Style
It is important to remember that a resume is about where you have been, where you are, and where you are going at tag44. Most job seekers focus on the present but do little to discuss the past and future. To get the upper hand, you want to have a resume style at tag44.com that focuses on all aspects of your work including what you plan to do in the future. Remember, your resume is a work in progress and will never be finished at tag44.

Final thoughts on Resume Style
Last but not least, you want to keep abreast of what is happening in the world around you tag44. The internet and online job applications have changed the way that many recruiters do business so it important that you have an online resume as part of your job seeking portfolio at tag44.com Recent problems with viruses and spyware have lead many recruiters to stop accepting attachments, so you will want to become aware of the ins and outs of plain text resume formatting at tag44.

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Marketing and Admin Jobs By Tag44

Posted by tag44jobs on January 4, 2010

The world wide economic crisis has had a negative impact on many people with both admin jobs and marketing jobs tag44. Some businesses have collapsed and others have cut down on their staff, often leaving loyal workers with no job and very little by way of prospects tag44.com Young people coming out of university are facing the toughest job market in decades. How can you get your life and your career back on track?

On possible solution is to consider jobs outside the country. Many US based businesses have branches in other countries and they have more difficulty filling positions in those locations than they do at home tag44. There are many admin jobs US and the Caribbean Islands that may be perfect for recent entrants to the job market at tag44.com Those with families and more established lives may be reluctant to consider relocating, but there may be advantages tag44.

In many cases theses jobs pay well and the company may be willing to pay relocation expenses for the right candidate for their admin jobs at tag44. The market for jobs overseas is less competitive than the market within the US. The cost of living is often less in other countries, allowing for greater savings without compromising your standard of living at tag44.com There are often small enclaves of US citizens living in areas where businesses tag44 have extensive holdings allowing for a sense of community. The relocation doesn’t have to be permanent.

For those with more interest in marketing jobs, now may be the time to consider self employment at tag44. The Internet has opened up international markets to virtually everyone and no one has to leave their home to take advantage of the opportunities at tag44.com Since internet businesses require very little capital to get underway, a good marketer can often start up with a relatively small investment and begin turning a profit in short order at tag44. It is necessary that you understand the Internet marketplace before you jump in with both feet tag44.com

The field of marketing is, if anything, more competitive than that of. If you have a solid CV and good experience in your field, you chances of securing a tag44 marketing job are much better than a new graduate. Performance is everything in this area of business and unless you have a proven track record, it may be difficult to get your foot in the door for many marketing jobs tag44.com

Many people who are currently unemployed have turned to tag44.com recruitment agencies. Although a good recruitment agency may help some who are seeking employment, they cannot create jobs if none exist. They also may try to create a fit between a potential employee and employer when neither is really suited to the other tag44. Recruitment agencies charge either the employee or the employer a fee for their services. Although some specialize, most do not handle marketing jobs or admin jobs exclusively at tag44.com

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