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Benefits of Tag44 Employment Contract

Posted by tag44jobs on October 8, 2009

Over time the need to have a written employment contract has become a necessity. In the past employers and employees used to make verbal agreements concerning the rights and obligation of their employment relationship tag44.

Since verbal agreements are difficult to prove, these days, contract of service are preserved in a written documents known as the Employment Contract at tag44.com This document categorically states the terms and conditions that govern the employer and employee. In the event of dispute between the two parties, this written contract becomes evidence that can be used in court to settle such disagreements tag44. Furthermore, since job descriptions are not as simplistic as in the past, verbal conversations governing an employers/employee relationship will not prove as effective as a written contract.

The employment contract not only allows for certainty, it also allows for any collective agreement that an employer would want to negotiate with other employees of the organization at tag44.com In addition where disciplinary procedures are drafted within the employment contract, it serves a two fold purpose in that firstly, the employer can only enforces these particular procedures and secondly it also ensures that the employer at tag44 does not take advantage of any statutory provisions or for that matter exploit his or her employee.

The benefits of documenting terms and conditions into an employment contract is that it provides for certainty and protection to both parties alike. Any variation in the agreement can be added to the document so that employment contract permits flexibility at tag44.com

Basically the general principle of contract law applies to all and any employment contract at tag44. Before an employment contract is effectively concluded there could be several prior negotiations. An advertisement in the news paper or job website like www.tag44.com about a pending job offer does not constitute an offer as it only operates as an Invitation to treat. This means a party can enter negotiation to take up the offer but at this point it is not legally binding tag44.

Interviews are held to further negotiations. Employers at interviews are only assessing the applicant as a potential candidate for the position at tag44.com There may be a second or even a third interview and at this point still nothing is legally binding. Perhaps a final interview at tag44 there may be discussions held on terms and conditions, remuneration and other benefits. It is still a point of negotiation. If the employer soon thereafter offers the job to the potential candidate, it still does not bind the candidate as he or she would counter offer by asking for a higher remuneration tag44.com

If the employer accepts these terms, an offer can be made on such terms and if the candidate accepts then there is an intention to create legal relations tag44. A contract for employment may be verbally concluded at this juncture. It is at this point of appointment that the potential employee at tag44.com usually receives his employment contract stating all the terms and conditions agreed upon the negotiation stage.

If both parties agree to the terms and conditions in the employment contract they will subsequently sign the document constituting the agreement at tag44. Then for the agreed number of years or indefinitely, this document will govern the employment relationship at tag44.

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Tag44 Differentiate Between CV and Resume

Posted by tag44jobs on September 22, 2009

Youve heard people use these terms interchangeably. Most of the times, we mean the same thing at tag44, indicating the same document. But there has to be a reason differentiating CV from a Resume tag44.com

What’s the difference? I always thought it was simply American terminology that deemed my CV a resume both the same thing but in name only tag44.


There is difference between a CV and resume, the main ones being, the length, the content and the purpose at tag44.

The key to a resume is its brevity. Quite literally a resume of your longer, more detailed Curriculum Vitae. So one page or two Maximum for your resume at tag44, outlining all the important points the reader needs to know if they are taking, literally, a minute to read it at tag44.com (and that could be a generous assumption). A resume is a real summary of your skills, experience and education.

A CV then, should be longer and more detailed tag44. In the United States, for example, A CV would usually only be used for more senior or academic type positions where lists of honours and achievements, articles published etc are vital to the post tag44.com In the Middle East and Europe however, a CV is usually the initial request for any type of post applied for tag44.

Its important to note however, that technically there is very little difference between a good resume building and a good CV writing because the main objective is the same at tag44. Both are created to show the candidate off in the best possible light tag44. Just remember to tailor your CV or make a resume specific to each particular job you are applying for at tag44.com

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Tag44 Take on the Job Search

Posted by tag44jobs on August 29, 2009

If you are in the job market today you are painfully aware of the fact that there is much more competition out there than ever before tag44. There are more people looking for jobs and less people hiring and the companies that are hiring are being a lot pickier than they have been at any time in history. And now that you know all that, why not use that to your advantage? After all, you are unique and you know your strong points so why not go some place where companies are looking for you?

Enter Tag44.com Jobs. This is a unique job site on line. Unlike the other job boards that are out there, they do not pollute the site with a ton of bogus and junk ads that take forever to sift through only to find out that the ad actually already expired tag44. Yeah, you’ve been there haven’t you? We all have. It is annoying and a huge time waster for folks. And you will not find any of that on the Tag44 Jobs site. In fact, you can’t actually search for a job there. Ok, I hear your head shaking. If you can’t search for a job, then why should I waste my time over there?

It goes like this. When you are looking for a job, whether out of necessity or because you have a job and are looking to move up the ladder to a better position at tag44, you go there and fill in the information that they ask. Then you submit. Once that happens the computers at Tag44 Jobs run your answers into the database. If there are any companies out there looking for what you have to offer based on an matching algorithm tag44.com then you will be notified of a match and sent the information and you can make the informed decision of contacting the company and moving forward or forgetting it and doing nothing.

See when the company inputs the position they put in things like salary range, job skills, experience, geographic location and such tag44. They then have to decide what an acceptable candidate looks like for them. No one on this earth is perfect and fewer still folks are going to be a perfect match for any job at tag44, no matter how good they are. So let’s say that the company decides that if someone matches at 75 percent, they would like to talk with them. When your information is input and run through the data files and it hits that company and you match at least three quarters of skills and preferences that they are looking for tag44, you are sent that companies information job description in an email and then it is up to you to follow up.

The reason this makes sense for both the company and you is simple. The company will get qualified folks that are more than likely a good match for the position they are looking to fill tag44. You save time by not wasting your time going to countless interviews only to find out that the company was actually not right for you in the first place tag44.com

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Tag44 Job Search Survival

Posted by tag44jobs on July 25, 2009

Undoubtedly, this is the toughest year on record to land a new job. Reaching your career goal will take courage and nerves of steel. Are you up to the challenge? Here are four tips by Tag44 for job-search endurance that will keep you on the right track toward your employment goal.

1. Keep your career goal realistic.
This is not the time to strike out in a risky career direction. Following your heart toward a career in which you have little qualifications could yield months of frustration as you find yourself competing against legions of candidates far more qualified tag44.com Unless you are in the position to hold out for a very long job search, concentrate on positions where you are best qualified.

2. Realize it will take longer to land your next position.
If you’ve never experienced a lengthy job search, set your expectations out several months and practice patience. You will apply for many positions as the perfect candidate tag44, and get no response. Expect that. You will conduct perfect interviews and hear nothing back. Expect that as well. Just remember that eventually the right company with the right job at the right time will come your way if you stay calm and focused and don’t let discouragement keep you from moving forward tag44.com Just keep with it.

3. Write a better resume than your competition.
Less jobs and more applicants equals extremely high competition. The quality of your resume has never been more important tag44. For the best possible resume keep these guidelines in mind: Focus your resume. Avoid a one-size-fits-all resume. Showcase your best information in the top half of page one tag44.com Include accomplishments that illustrate your ability to solve today’s business challenges.

4. Sharpen your interview skills.
With employers interviewing only the best of the best, when you are chosen to interview be sure you are your competitive best. You cannot “just wing” an interview and expect to be called back for a second. Today it takes solid interview strategy to earn a second round of interviews tag44. Interview books are helpful, but they usually fall short of teaching you how to read the interviewer’s mind to understand his/her hiring motivations tag44.com A study in the art of selling is more effective to achieve great interview performance. A few basic selling strategies include: Asking the right questions to understand the interviewer’s “hot button” motivations. Formulate answers around the interviewer’s motivations tag44. Know your accomplishments well enough to weave them effectively through your interview to achieve top candidate status.

The best jobs will go to those who persevere and stay focused tag44.com Keeping your expectations and goals realistic will help prevent the emotional ups and downs. Prepare for your job search as if you were competing in a marathon. With patience, endurance and skill you will win your next job tag44.

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Tag44 Tips for Endearing a Job Search

Posted by tag44jobs on July 22, 2009

1. Upload your resume online
Upload your resume to sites like Tag44.com so that employers can see that you are available and look at your qualifications. This does not substitute actively submitting your resume, but it is another avenue as you conduct a job search. By submitting your resume at tag44.com you open the doors to receiving the latest openings available in the field of your interest. Employers can select hundreds of candidates from a job sites like tag44 database to fill positions proactively. To enhance your job search, you can keep your profile active with your resume. When you opt to do this, make sure you check for their security and privacy statement.

2. Visit the profile of the company
When you conduct a job search, make sure you visit company websites. Many companies maintain a database for new candidates at tag44. Upload your information into it. It can be used whenever any new openings are available. It can prove to be very valuable at times.

3. Design a cover letter
Use the extra services being offered by the sites. Job search sites like tag44.com often offer specials tools and tips to help make searching easy and convenient. A well-crafted cover letter is something employers take notice of it.

4. Approach the company directly during your job search

If you have any internal source, then apply through them. It will be beneficial for you. It is likely that the internal source will have more information about positions available with the company tag44 than you would find externally.

5. Utilize your professional network in your job search
Develop a network of professionals like LinkedIn. These resources can help you find available positions. Tag44.com is an example of a virtual network, but don’t forget about the face-to-face network you already have, including friends and family.

6. Job fairs can be critical in a job search
These events allow you to talk with those who make hiring decisions. These opportunities are golden because they can put a face to a name instead of simply looking at a resume and cover letter tag44. It can also strengthen your interview skills. Most importantly, remember to be positive in your approach.

7. Don’t ignore a temporary job
If you are being given an option of joining as a temporary professional, then do not reject. It can prove to be a turning point in your career tag44.com You could also be hired as a permanent employee later on. Your perseverance will definitely pay off.

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