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Tag44 Guide To The Right Way To Quit

Posted by tag44jobs on October 2, 2009

There is no one reason that can define why people quit jobs. It could be triggered by a career growth plan, a bad boss, a strenuous environment at work, relocation or a personal reason at tag44. This list can never be exhaustive. However, at times, how you quit is more important than why you quit. A resignation or leaving a company does not have to be a bitter experience on both sides at tag44.com You can make the separation amicable or at least decent by resigning gracefully. The way you handle your resignation says a lot about you and sometimes, it even defines your options in the long-term. Your conduct in the professional life can come back to haunt you at any time later too. So be very particular about how you say I quit at tag44.

Once you have decided to resign from your job, you need to devise a way of doing it. You cannot just go and announce it loudly to your boss and walk out. Keep the decision to yourself and make sure people are not talking about it in the office before you have informed your boss. Resign in person and not over an SMS or phone or even e-mail. Seek time with your boss and talk to him or her in person at tag44. The most professional etiquette says that you face your boss and have a talk. Go prepared with a written resignation letter and hand it over to your manager at tag44.com Your manager would want to know the reasons that led to this decision of yours. Be polite, honest and diplomatic. Even if you have had a bad relationship with the boss and that is the main reason why you are quitting, you cannot say it point blank on the face at tag44. Say that you want to explore better opportunities outside the company and that you have made your mind to move on. While discussing your resignation, dont reveal too much about your new employer. Be firm but tactful tag44.com If salary is the main reason, say that you are getting a better offer monetarily and in terms of career growth. Your boss might make a counter offer. Other than this, you also need to decide upon your last date at work mutually at tag44.

Give your company appropriate time to find your replacement and offer to train the new hire while you are still around at tag44. Dont leave without an appropriate notice period and never leave your previous employer in a lurch. Make all efforts to ensure that a smooth transition happens and there is no hassle in handing over work at tag44.com In case, your employer is unable to find a replacement for you before you leave, do some work in advance for them. This will prove your sincerity and help you in future if you ever wish to return for employment to the same company at tag44.

The most important thing is that you dont burn bridges behind you when you decide to quit at tag44. It is a small world and you never know when a bad professional relationship comes back to spoil your future career growth. Dont bad mouth your boss among your co-workers because such loose talk travels fast tag44.com Remain calm and professional throughout your notice period. Dont create a dramatic event out of your resignation. When you inform your co-workers also, make sure you do it in a professional manner and not as a way to score even with the company at tag44. You might need future references from the same company so ensure that you are creating a positive image of yourself at tag44.com

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Tag44 Tips To Balance Career And Family

Posted by tag44jobs on June 19, 2009

Whether you are male or female, a mom or a dad, balancing career and family can be really difficult. When you’re a woman, though, the choices you have to make seem especially difficult and the responsibilities all the more great. For some reason, women are guilt-ridden with their career decisions at Tag44 and the choices they make about working while trying to raise their children, providing nutritious meals for their family, keeping a respectable house and keeping their husbands happy. Last on the list, of course, is finding some time for themselves. So how does a woman find time to actually feel happy with her daily activities while keeping up with all of the responsibility?

First, take time to smell the roses! Literally, you can take time to smell the roses but you can actually do this with no flowers in sight. Every day, try to look around and appreciate what you have, taking in the sounds of your child’s laughter, the wag of your dog’s tail, the special glance of your husband as you tell a funny joke. Sometimes, the knowledge of what you have on your plate for the day will feel overwhelming, but a little perspective goes a long way Tag44.com It may be a cliché and a very tired phrase, but it truly does work. People tend to get lost in the mundane, day-to-day “functioning” instead of really living their lives. For example, next time you are worried about fitting in your exercise with your child’s play date at Little Gym, forego the Little Gym and head out with your son or daughter for a run Tag44. Strap the little one in the jog stroller or if he or she is old enough, ask them to put on the running shoes with Mommy and head outside! Once outside, you can literally stop to smell the roses. Just a few minutes of gratitude a day will work wonders for your soul and automatically make your life feel more balanced at Tag44.com

Along these same lines, try and give yourself some “me” time once a week. Once a week may not seem like much, but if you really allow yourself to soak it in and enjoy the time spent, it will make the stress of all of the rest of the hectic days melt away Tag44. Take a good block of time on a Saturday or Sunday – 2 hours, maybe – and mark this time in your calendar in pen, not pencil. Keep a standing appointment with yourself, and honor it as you would any other. Think you are too busy on a weekend to do this? You will feel much more productive the rest of the weekend allowing yourself this little ‘refresher’, rather than trying to cram some time in on a random Tag44 Tuesday or other weeknight Tag44.com For this special time, you can book a massage or a facial at your favorite spa. Take a couple of hours to go window shopping at your favorites stores, by yourself or with a friend. Take in a matinee with a couple of girlfriends. If your husband is willing to fly solo on a Saturday night, you can even book a girls’ night out once in a while and truly let loose!

You may need to get a little creative with your schedule, but there are definitely ways to help balance career and family. Sometimes an extra few minutes each day or a once-weekly good block of time can go a long way in helping restore your peace of mind and help you feel less harried at Tag44.com

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Tag44 Career Counseling Importance

Posted by tag44jobs on June 2, 2009

Keeping a balance between personal and professional life is quite important for any person. At times we get so much stressed out owing to the work pressure that the momentum is somewhere lost. At such a phase of life it becomes very crucial to understand your work in a better manner become capable of making strong and righteous decisions. Career counseling is one such practice that aids people by making a connection between passion to work, purpose to do a task and understanding and acknowledgement of work at Tag44.

Aspects Career Counseling works upon
Working atmosphere is different at different offices and different industries like Tag44. It furthermore transforms as you grow in a position with evolution in responsibilities and tackling new individuals who may not be as supporting as your last associates. Career counseling in such arenas help in building capabilities and leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that with your independence in doing a task and with the new found confidence, each task for you becomes a child’s play, thereby bringing satisfaction and contentment in your professional life.

Career counseling is a great option for those who have switched over jobs or have got promoted and are not able to cope with the changing scene Tag44. Definitely challenges increase with changing jobs. But not accepting these challenges do no good to anyone. Career counseling helps individual to befriend with such challenges and solve them with patience.

Importance of career counseling
Career counseling takes care of various aspects like personal insight, support and even a better understanding. Other than these, it helps in building high motivational level by understanding the individualistic wants. It ensures that every individual sets up some goals of consequence and give his best in achieving them.

The best part about career counseling is that it inspires every individual to make a career for themselves in field in which their interest and passion lies. By doing so, it aids every individual to know his own powers and the success that nowhere else, but inside him only as Tag44.

Benefits of Career Counseling
The benefits of career counseling are immense other than bringing your career in right track, helping you maintain a balance between your professional and personal life, understanding your own strength and keeping you vision and values ahead of anything else.

It lets one explore different career options and makes a better standing for himself in the market. Networking is the most important aspect in any career. Career counseling teaches how to make strong and beneficial networks by improving upon your performance Tag44. Building interview skills and coping up with a new job and new colleagues is what career counseling plays a major part in.

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Tag44 Advice For Job Seekers

Posted by tag44jobs on April 14, 2009

“Your only real security starts with your responsibility to your career,” says Joanne Cini, author of “Kingmaker: Be the One Your Company Wants to Keep…On Your Terms.” “Excellence is the first ingredient to keeping your job, gaining free agency and moving forward with your career.”

Protect Yourself
A series of massive, highly-publicized and sometimes unexpected layoffs have made job security seem like a thing of the past. “Even if a person is doing a job that seems completely secure – a job that they really like, they should still do some preventative networking.” says Marky Stein, a career coach in San Jose, Calif. “They should interview for at least two other jobs per year, even if their job seems fine. That way, the day the company lays you off; you have people to call whom you’ve met before.”

Stein says that interviewing with other companies gives a job seeker leverage when negotiating a salary. “You can tell your employer that you got an offer for a higher salary,” Stein says. “Let them respond to that and see what happens.”

Employees have also learned to investigate all aspects of a potential job. “Employees have to rethink the whole idea of moving up within their company because in some cases, the position they’re considering may be slated for elimination,” says Kenneth McGhee, author of “Eleven Leadership Tips for Supervisors”. “Employees should ask themselves whether the position is critical to the core mission of the organization.

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Tag44 Reference

Posted by tag44jobs on April 6, 2009

We appreciate the referrals you provide of other successful professionals in the field. Feel free to recommend Tag44 to any friend, colleague or competitor you think highly of, or let us know who they are and we will contact them confidentially.

Unlike the majority of recruiting related websites, we put you in control of who sees your resume. We understand the importance of confidentiality in your job search. Your resume is never “online” for just anyone to see. Upon transmittal your resume is imported into our proprietary database and searchable by only team Tag44. This is a password-protected “Intranet” site. External third parties or web crawlers do not have access to our secured database. And you can be assured that your profile will be individually reviewed for new positions on an ongoing basis.

As professional recruiters our mission is twofold: to source the best talent to meet our client’s hiring needs and to promote the career advancement of candidates with which we work. At Tag44 we are committed to this dual mission. As your career managers we understand the privileged role that we occupy when you choose to partner with our firm. We know that you are not just looking for a “job” but for just the right career opportunity to help propel you to the next level in your professional development. That’s why it is important for us to help you find a position that will challenge your skills, fit your goals, and offer the greatest potential for career satisfaction.

Our foremost inclination is to locate candidates who are likely to stay with the client for the long-term because they are well-qualified for the position and because their goals and dispositions conform both to the job and to the company culture. Our job is to help clients not only recruit but retain top talent. We accomplish this by evaluating both client and candidate-side variables which influence retention in order to assist our clients in hiring and retaining the best professionals.

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