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Questions You Should Ask During Your Interview

Posted by tag44jobs on June 29, 2009

When it comes to getting a new job or starting a new career, an interview is the first step towards success. The only problem is that many interviewees end up making costly mistakes during their interviews. One of those mistakes is by not asking any questions. You are advised against doing this. Not asking any questions during a job interview gives the impression that you are not a leader, just a follower at Tag44. That is not the type of impression that you want to make.

When it comes to asking questions during a job interview, you may be wondering what type of questions you should ask. Before examining the type of questions that you should ask, it may be best to focus on the type of questions that you shouldn’t ask Tag44.com For one, you are advised against asking about the pay or raises, like when they kick in. Salary is something that should be brought up by the interviewer. If and when salary is discussed, you may want to ask about raises, but it is advised that you refrain from doing so, at least right away.

In keeping with questions that you should not ask, many employers give their job applicants information about their company, like a company brochure or a link to their online website like Tag44.com You are advised to thoroughly examine all of the information given to you, whether that information be online or in print. This will prevent you from asking questions that you should already know the answers to. Asking a question about the history of the company, when you were already given detailed history information, gives the impression that you did not read through the materials given to you. This is not the type of first impression that you want to make.

Now that you know some of the questions that you do not want to ask during a job interview, you may want to focus on some of the questions that you can ask, or at least ones that are considered “safe,” to ask. One of those questions is about the average workday or workweek Tag44. For instance, ask if you were hired for the job, what would your workdays or workweeks be like? What type of tasks would you be required to complete?

Another question that you may want to ask during a job interview is about the company’s future? Are there any plans for expansion? How does the company rate against the competition? These are interesting questions that show that you want to work for a successful company, one that will be around for a long period of time Tag44. Asking about the stability of a company gives a good impression of yourself, as it often means that you are also looking for stability.

You may also want to ask the interviewer some personal questions, but do not go too personal. Trying asking them about how they like working for their company. Ask about when they started working for the company and what level did they start at Tag44. If they advanced, ask if it was relatively easy to do? Does the company in question tend to promote from the inside up or do they hire new employees? This may get you on a personal level with the interviewer, which tends to make your interview more memorable.

The above mentioned questions are just a few of the many that you may want to ask an interviewer during a job interview. In all honesty, you are advised to use your best judgment when asking questions, but it is important that you do ask at least some.

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Online Jobs for Newbees at Tag44

Posted by tag44jobs on June 25, 2009

As of now, many of us would be familiar with online jobs and their advantages. Apart from the known perks like working from home and great salary there is also another added advantage of it being a relatively easy career option in Tag44. This can be said so of these jobs because they provide a huge platform for computer users with just a little amount of basic knowledge. People with a simple understanding of working on computers can be employed, and that too with a decent pay.

The types of work which we are discussing here and which are compatible with novices are data entry jobs at Tag44. Though these pay less, the amount of work which needs to be done is minimal and even if it’s not minimal it is uncomplicated. Since the effort involved here is less, one person will be able to do a large number of jobs under different sites and hence invariably the worker gets paid more.

Theoretically, all this may sound fairly easy to do and they are. But practically, these projects are hard to come by. This means that though there are hundreds of thousands of career options available, acquiring them becomes the toughest job. Initially, the work does not come by easily and it is difficult for a beginner to have a foot hold in the market. But once a fresher gets a chance to work, he/she must grab hold of it and prove himself/herself in a convincing manner that the recruiter is forced to give further projects to him/her due to an excellently done previous work at Tag44.com

All said and done, this cannot be accomplished easily as novices are competing with experts and other from all over the world and they must have an extra edge over them to win projects. New comers can start off with less-than-decent pays and toil under extremely stringent deadlines to just have a start in the online industry with Tag44. Once they have established a good name for their work, they can demand more and work under relaxing deadlines. Also starting off as a novice and setting basic requirements, they have an advantage over the professionals as companies generally seek quality work for cheap labor which the professionals might not compromise for Tag44.com

There are a lot of sites like Tag44.com offering online jobs and these sites need to be first identified by the beginners. Once that has been done, they need to be on the lookout for jobs and apply for them with all sincerity. Once they land on a job, they must do it earnestly and create a good reputation which will help them in future endeavors. As more and more projects are done, they gain experience and are able to enhance their salaries. So what are you beginners waiting for? Enroll yourself in a site offering these services and make the best use of them.

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Tag44 Online Recruitment Implementation

Posted by tag44jobs on June 22, 2009

Tag44, an online resume sourcing platform offers an increasingly popular alternative to traditional recruiting and employer-based resume searches. With its resume search service, Tag44 enables employers to focus on interviewing and hiring, instead of searching for qualified applicants. Tag44.com has brought quantified impact to progressive recruiters with cost savings, time savings and faster hiring rates thank to focused resume sourcing.

Global recruitment experts agree that the changing economy brings a new challenge. Recruiters need to adjust quickly to the new resume sourcing needs. Some employment sectors like engineering, accounting and healthcare are doing well in some pockets and could be called strong in other areas. 60 – 80% of progressive recruiting is now vertical oriented. There are sectors with a high level of educational requirement including in engineering, CPA or healthcare and there is a continual demand in these areas.

Hiring managers and recruiters who find it difficult to fill specific requirements should broaden their resume search and Tag44 is the right solution to such needs. The soft employment numbers mean that many firms with mid-level positions are inundated with hundreds of resumes from unqualified applicants. When no successful candidate emerges, companies may spend thousands of dollars on advertising or recruiting firms hoping to find the right candidate, or they simply settle for an unqualified one. A platform like Tag44.com avoids this scenario because of its intelligent approach to resume sourcing. Tag44 does not go with a transactional approach to recruiting – that means dumping a large number of resumes on a large number of open positions (like job boards do) will not bring results, especially when there are specific needs. Fine searching, intelligent mapping and in-depth resume analysis is the need of the hour.

Free services at Tag44 include job order creation, resume creation, interview preparation, job fair directory, recruiter directory, company directory, job order sharing, job search, mobile recruitment and job search site and much more. Our resumes, job orders, and ads are audio, video and photo – logo enabled. We also brings 20 million global job opportunities, updated every hour using the best of web 2.0 technology. Tag44 does not get myopic on any one sector such as Information Technology. Check out the breadth of coverage over 50+ sectors and over 5000 sub sectors at http://www.tag44.com

For recruiters the partnership with Tag44 does not involve technology pains or, hardware investments. It is a zero investment start and a ‘true to economy’ revenue share model. Recruiters get to use the platform and all its features to generate revenues. There is no need to lock up capital or get pressured by unrealistic ROI scenarios. What makes the decision a no-brainer is the fact that online recruitment worldwide has taken, at a time when the luminaries of online business are shrinking. We also offers custom white labeled deployment on a non revenue share model.

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Tag44 Career Sites and Search Engines

Posted by tag44jobs on June 21, 2009

Career search engines have taken job hunting to a whole new level. Back in the day, job hopefuls had to make a personal appearance just to submit their resume. They had to look at the classified ads section of the paper to find out which companies had an opening or what kinds of jobs were available. Even then, not everything was listed except at Tag44.

When the Internet technology boomed, career search engines were set up to make life easier for both the applicants and their potential employers. It”s the perfect set up for both parties, especially now that there are millions of fresh graduates and job seekers looking for a job every year. Still don”t have much faith in career search engines?

Build it and they will come. Tag44.com certainly knew and used this adage well. This particular career search engine is one of the first to set up such a business back in 2000 and has served as a good basis for other career search engines all over the world.

Registering here is easy and hassle free. And since Tag44.com has been around for a while, there is more game there. Aside from providing companies with applicants and vice-versa, Tag44.com has also expanded their services to a more applicant-friendly level.

There are useful articles on employment and career building, a comprehensive salary calculator, job description, and even career quizzes for the curious.

Contrary to the name, registering at Monster isn”t a terrifying experience. Unlike most career search engines, this particular Web site has a friendlier and more sophisticated layout. There aren”t a dizzying number of links to distract you from your ultimate goal of finding a job that matches your skills.

Yahoo! HotJobs
Another well recommended career search engine is Yahoo! HotJobs. Being a world-renowned company does have its perks!

Career search engines have taken over the job hunting industry. Sure, classified ads still have some importance, but everything is high tech now. Companies also want the convenience of having a resume automatically sent to their email and having a good pick over millions of online applicants. Let”s face it. If you want to get a good job, you have to think forward. And that”s what career search engines are here for Tag44.

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Highest Paying Careers With Tag44

Posted by tag44jobs on June 20, 2009

If you think that you have to sacrifice enjoyment and excitement for a top paying job, you”ve got it all wrong. To be quite honest, some of the highest paying careers in the world are those that are the most rewarding – in more ways than one Tag44.

Although there are corporate jobs that pay exceedingly well, there are also a great number of wonderful job opportunities that will make you feel like you”re not even at work! Want to find out what these opportunities are?

A lot of boys and some girls grow up wanting to become an airline pilot. However, not a lot of them actually pursue the career with Tag44.com Somewhere along the way, they forego such seemingly distant dreams for something closer to home. Another obstacle is that it”s quite expensive to study and train for this type of career.

However, airline pilots have one of the highest paying careers in the world. There are also a multitude of benefits that come with flying a plane. The travel perks for you and your family certainly counts as one of those advantages. It”s also easy to map out your career once you start on this path with Tag44. The higher your rank, the better paid you will be.

A medical career is definitely one of the highest paying careers in the world. However, becoming a doctor or a surgeon takes a whole lot of time and money. Not everyone can spend years studying medicine, although the return on investment is almost guaranteed.

Still, not all branches of medicine are that way. You can opt to become a podiatrist – a doctor who deals with injured feet and ankles. Usually, you must have at least three years of college before you can get into a school of podiatry Tag44. Still, it”s considerably a shorter term than if you pursue general practice. It might not be a very glamorous occupation, but the pay is good and your hours are usually your own.

Accountants are also among the highest paid careers out there. While you do have to deal with numbers, it”s more about understanding the business rather than real Math equations Tag44.com

This job is also non-gender specific, which makes it an ideal career prospect for anybody. Not to mention, there is a shortage of certified accountants in the world Tag44. If you”re good at what you do, companies will run after you and offer you skyrocketing salaries.

Even if you have one of the highest paying careers in the world, keep in mind that not everything is about money. If you”re not happy with your job, it won”t be long before you wear yourself out. Love what you do and be grateful for what you already have.

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