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Tag44 An IT Recruitment Agency

Posted by tag44jobs on July 15, 2009

IT recruitment agency in the US are finding it increasingly difficult to attract women. The average IT recruitment agency has a disproportionate amount of men to women applying to their IT jobs. It is hard to say why IT Recruitment Agency like Tag44 are not receiving as many applications from women workers.

As time goes on Women are finding out that IT is not as boring as they first suspected and the money is better than most other careers. Websites and portals tag44.com are also being set-up in order to attract the best women IT candidates in the market and to attract women to get into IT. By seeing that companies are interested in women applying to their IT Jobs and providing women with an outlet to chat with others in their position more and more women will be attracted to the IT industry tag44.

There are also IT awards for women which go a long way to making women feel accepted in technology. IT Recruitment Agency like tag44 welcome applications from women and are hoping that more women will apply for their IT job openings to allow for a more diverse work force in the US. There has definitely been an increase in applications to recruitment agency tga44.com from women over the years which can only be a positive sign.

The IT recruitment agency market has recently experienced unprecedented growth. IT recruitment agencies tag44 are now able to tap in to the huge influx of IT Skilled workers from all over the world. The IT candidates that come over to the US tend to have extremely strong technical skills as well as good business skills tag44.com Without these skilled workers London and the rest of the US would not be experiencing such huge economic growth. Migrant employment in London has increased by almost 24% over the last 3 years.

It is no surprise that IT Recruitment Agency are experiencing such a huge increase in applications from migrants. The US is one of the most thriving economies in the world. The benefits of applying through an IT Recruitment Agency tag44 are that candidates can get a better idea of how much they should be getting paid and what jobs are available. It is very easy for a candidate to accept a lower salary thinking it is extremely good when they have just arrived in the US only to find that they are getting paid a lot less than other candidates in similar positions. By going through an IT Recruitment Agency tag44.com they are more likely to get a fairer deal as the recruitment agency gets a higher fee the higher the salary on offer.

It is not only London that is benefiting from the increase in migrants but the whole of the US. The US has welcomed the influx of migrants as they help to make the economy grow and also bring new delicacies. The IT recruitment industry tag44 will continue to attract new workers from overseas as companys grow and expand their IT departments further. The IT Recruitment industry tag44 welcomes these candidates as without them the economy would have stalled.

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Career As An IT Professional At Tag44

Posted by tag44jobs on July 8, 2009

IT professionals should keep on acquiring number of skills to climb the ladder on this competitive industry. Learning new technologies will help them in career advancements which is a must in today’s world. As the IT industry has shaken up in this recession-hit market, the professionals do not trust their employers both for their job as well as monetary promotions any longer. So to be successful in this competitive IT world, you need to enhance your business skills along with your computer skills Tag44. IT training and certification are quite important to make your own mark before you step into this particular field. You also need to possess a number of other skills such as marketing, written communication, a basic knowledge on the financial situation of the world, networking and presentation skills. These basic skill-sets are not required at the onset of your career, but they will act as an added advantage if you wish to climb the stairs to success at a faster pace Tag44.

Many giant IT corporate organizations like CISCO and Microsoft have launched their own in-house training programs such as CCNA, CCNP, MCTS, MCITP and MCSE. These credentials assist IT professionals to improve their on-hands experience and also provide them with sufficient exposure to the actual work proficiency required in the IT industry at Tag44. Once you are well-versed with core application frameworks such as ASP.NET or VB.NET, you can bring to light your core expertise and skills. This in turn helps improve your credentials as a successful IT professional.

Writing skills and the art of presentation are also must for any professional working in the IT industry. Sometimes you need to prepare a proposal, a contract or even a business report. For this, a precise and qualified writing skill is necessary to enhance the impact and effect of these reports on the targeted readers or clients at Tag44. Through good proposals, you will be able to convert your prospects into returning clients. Effective communication skills and able presentation ability should be incorporated into your basic skills. This will not only help in impressing the clients, but will also win you many potentially fruitful business partnerships Tag44.

You also have the option of gaining knowledge on CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) and CHFI (Computer Hacking Forensic Investigators). Hackers are hired by a lot of internationally acclaimed organizations today for security purposes, and of course, to counter criminal hacking within their servers. CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) is a security certification and this skill should be inculcated by the IT professionals in Tag44. Finance management skills are also important to keep a check on the flow of money. Comptia certification and A+ certification should also be earned to take you to the next level of the IT world. Networking skills also plays quite an important role while handling your clients. A relationship needs to be built between you and your prospective consumer group and a balanced need is to be maintained all the time.

A successful IT professional, whether he is working with the global leader Microsoft or in a small IT hub of an Asian nation, never limits himself from adjusting to the changing face of IT and learning new technological advancements Tag44. Be it programming languages such as SQL, Oracle or SOX or project management systems such as PMP, an IT professional is not only supposed to be the jack of all trades, but the master of all too!

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Begin Your Software Developer Career With Tag44

Posted by tag44jobs on May 15, 2009

Interested in a computer programming career? That’s great because the computer programming job market has a wide variety of unique jobs. You should figure out what is it that you enjoy about programming. You could design and develop websites, software applications, and or databases. Wherever you are in life, whether you are currently in school or part of the workforce, you need to pick a career path that fits your specific goals. Don’t waste time & money by taking classes that are out of touch with your targeted goal. Make the decision based on what you would like to do after getting a programming education.

Set your objective and align it with your interests
Your choice of a programming education should be an important one, right? There are many factors to take into consideration. The first step should be to do your homework and figure out exactly what you want from a programming school. Don’t just leave it at; I need to go to college so I can make more money. A computer programming college degree may lead to a programming job, but you should align your overall goal with your long term interests. Personally I would rather get paid a little less to do a job that interests me than get paid more to do a job I hate, so do the job you love.

Know what skills you wish to acquire
You should read up and look into the programming skills you wish to learn, as well as which software development skills businesses are looking for upon graduating from school or a certification program. A school’s curriculum is not always straight forward. It’s important to know the path you are taking to reach your goal. Focus in on which programming languages are up to date and in use in the real business world. Would you like to design and develop websites, software applications or databases? You should figure out what you want to do with the programming languages you will learn, now not latter. Some skills when it comes to programming are not purely technical; you may want to look into advancing your communication skills, time management skills, research skills, and problem solving skills.

Do you want a college degree or certification for specific programming skills?
Your career needs a foundation to start building on. Some programming degrees can be achieved in two years, but most of them require more time. Take into consideration that any computer programming degree weather is in an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree or even a doctorial degree may not teach you all that there is to learn about programming. However, I’m not going to tell you to pack up and go to college, college isn’t for everyone. Your career interests may align better with skills that you can acquire from a certification course. There are many different types of certifications for specific careers. Microsoft has many types of certification programs and so does IBM. Just to name a few more, there are certifications like Hewlett-Packard certified IT professional, Oracle certified professional java developer, Nortel networks certified network architect and Apple certified system administrator. In the real world of business, whether you get a college degree or certification, it still boils down to practical programming skills and hands on job experience. Even after years of school some additional training may be needed to get the job position you desire.

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