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Tag44 Tips To Re-entering The Workforce

Posted by tag44jobs on August 1, 2009

You may have taken time off to be a home maker, travel, or pursue a lifelong dream. Returning to the workforce may feel overwhelming and almost unachievable in today’s rapidly advancing environment. However, don’t be discouraged. Here are some tips by Tag44 that can help you avoid common mistakes and shorten the time it takes you to get re-hired.

1. Honesty is best – Be honest with your new prospective employer when they ask you why you left your last job at tag44. It is better to tell them that you took time off to travel, spend time with your family, or pursue a lifelong goal. Be specific and avoid nebulous or false answers. Employers are constantly interviewing will know immediately if you are trying to hide or fabricate facts tag44.com

2. Document the time gap – Your resume should document what you have been doing since you left your last employer with dates. People frequently omit the time gap between their last job and the present time tag44. If it is 2006 and the last item on your resume is with a firm in 2003 this will raise concerns. The reader might assume that you have been doing nothing for the last 3 years. In the worst case a naive interviewer will assume that you had a long gap of no activity and eliminate your candidacy tag44.com Document where you have spending your time; such as tax consulting for friends, fund raising for a charity, sitting on a board. This is valuable experience that might be relevant to the organization. Include volunteer work, classes, and degrees.

3. Keep up with Technology – Proficient computer skills are essential in all industries. If you have been out of the workforce for more than two years you should upgrade your PC, the operating system tag44, and educate yourself on the newest applications and technologies at tag44.com Many colleges offer classes. Employers will be more inclined to hire someone who is technology proficient so time is not wasted on IT training.

4. Position your expertise – Companies hire candidates for their proven expertise what s/he can do immediately to help a company improve its profits. If you desire to use the transition to change your career at tag44 you may need to start at a lower level position. It may be more prudent to enter with your strength and then explore lateral moves to other areas later.

5. Be realistic with salary and title expectations – If you have been out of the job market for more than a year you may not receive the same title, job responsibilities tag44, or salary as someone who has not left the workplace.

Keep in mind when you interview there will be competition tag44. Most employers prefer to hire someone from a competitor who is currently doing the exact job they are hiring for tag44.com Be flexible with your expectations after you are back in the work force your value will increase quickly.

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Tag44 Art of Interviewing

Posted by tag44jobs on April 8, 2009

The process of getting the job you want is very similar to conducting a sale. In this scenario, you are selling yourself as the best candidate for the position. Discard any previous mind set you have that the interview is just a setting to answer questions. Instead, ask questions and impress the interviewer with your preparation.

In order to be successful in sales, or interviewing, learn and apply these steps:

Know your product: You are the product. You bring to the bargaining table knowledge, skills, energy, accomplishments, and personality. Take an inventory and be sure your customer (potential employer) fully understands your value.

Know your customer’s needs: You must research the employer’s organization and industry in    order to determine needs, problems and opportunities. Information is available through the Career Center Library, video tapes, employer presentations, career fairs, business and government publications, the Internet and informational interviews.

Demonstrate how you can fulfill the needs or solve the problems: Based on what you have learned about the employer’s needs, highlight the skills and capabilities you have that best solve problems and fulfill those needs.

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