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Tag44 Necessity of Paper Resume in Current Period

Posted by tag44jobs on January 7, 2010

These days everything has gone digital including resumes, which begs the question, is a paper resume still needed? There are many sites online like tga44.com now that you can go to and upload a digital version of your resume and more employers than ever before will have access to it tag44. While the digital revolution is indeed a great one, there are still times where having the old standby of a paper resume is handy indeed at tag44.com

Here are some times when you will find having a paper resume to your advantage:

•Beating the streets: Yes this is the old fashion way of job hunting tag44. The idea here is to print out a dozen or so copies of your resume in paper form and hit the road. Whatever job it is you are trying to get tag44, like insurance sales for example, will get a resume from you and if you don’t get a job the first day out you will try handing out another dozen paper resumes the next day tag44.com Eventually you will land a job. This type of tenacity is rare indeed these days, but you should never underestimate the power of a good personal introduction tag44.

•Faxing potential employers: There are many job opportunities that want you to do nothing more than fax them a resume and then they will contact you if they are interested tag44. It is true that there are programs now that will digitally fax a copy of your resume to the potential employer for you at tag44.com but many people don’t have this software in which case it is easier to make a paper copy and fax it over and over again at tag44.

•Networking: When you are looking for a job you should be talking to everyone about it and not just your friends and family tag44. You never know who could be out there waiting to hire someone just like you at tag44.com If you do happen to meet someone who is interested in your services what are you going to do, tell them to check out your resume online? It can never hurt you, but it may help you to have a few paper resumes handy wherever it is you are going at tag44. Print them out and put them in a folder and leave that folder in your car. If need be you can excuse yourself just long enough to fetch a paper resume tag44.com

•At an interview: If you are being interviewed for a job then chances are that the interviewer has already looked over your resume at tag44, but what if they want a copy from you? It is better to have one ready and the interviewer not ask for it then it is to not have one ready and have the interviewer want it tag44.com Taking your paper resume with you ensures that you are covered. Having paper resumes with you is no guarantee that you will find a job tag44, but look at it this way; it can’t hurt. When you are trying to secure the job of your dreams it is always best to be prepared, even if you are a little over prepared at tag44.com

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Tag44 Career Planning Process

Posted by tag44jobs on April 8, 2009

Everyone has unique career needs and aspirations. To help you define your career and life paths Tag44 provides a highly individualized and supportive process during which you and your counselor work closely together. This process enables you to move at your own pace and plan around other commitments and needs in your life.

Each person is unique and will go through the process in a different ways. Our career counseling cell planning process involves:

• Self-Assessment
Using a variety of worksheets and assessment tools, we help you clarify your skills, values, interests, personality traits, preferred work environment, desired interactions with people and career development needs.

• Generating Career Options
Through discussions with our career counselor and completion of various worksheets and standardized assessment inventories, we help you identify career options to consider.

• Exploring Career Options
We provide assistance in researching careers that interest you. We offer a Career Resources Library, full of information on a variety of career fields. We also help you prepare for information interviews and we’ll teach you necessary book and internet research skills.

• Setting Goals and Taking Action!
With the help of your counselor, you will use our tools to establish goals and accomplish them. We can help you:

1. Identify and implement career choices
2. Find clarity on how to enhance your skills
3. Seek a new job
4. Plan further education
5. Prepare for a job search
6. Network
7. Write a new resume
8. Practice and prepare for interviews

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