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Career in Food Service Industry by Tag44

Posted by tag44jobs on May 11, 2009

There are a few restaurants nowadays that can really sweep you off your feet from merely displaying their exquisite style in food serving. Years ago, food serving was an art that was practiced like a ritual. This is because, for one, people were so deeply religious that even the preparation of the food was a cause of celebration and joy. Two, people used to have all the time in the world that even the preparation of food was made into a beautiful ritual of blessing.

In the modern age, a hotel or food chain or restaurant needs food service managers who can direct and organize food attendants to prepare and serve the food to the customers or guests. Food service managers are normally found in first-class hotels, restaurants or cafeterias. The work of the food service managers, however, is so much streamlined into the process that sometimes a food service manager has other responsibilities in tow. In fact, there are instances when the food service manager is also the restaurant manager, two managerial jobs for a single person.

Over the years, nonetheless, the continuous integration of work processes in the food industry and the automation and improvement of some of the process lines simplify the work of food service manager. Today, the food service managers can also be the restaurant manager, food service directors or dining room managers.

In some five star hotels, however, there are special areas in food management that needs keen supervision. In such cases, hotels or restaurants hire a food and beverage manager, a kitchen manager, a banquet manager and catering manager, depending on the needs of the hotel.

A civilian food service manager is tasked to hire his own serving and food preparation staffs, must write his planning menus and food utilization techniques, and must enforce compliance to current food, health and fire regulations. Certain nutrition standards by the government, such as iodine requirement in food, must be enforced properly. So, the work of a food service manager is to be thorough in planning from beginning to end. This planning will revolve around the expected number of guests, the popularity of the establishment, the nutritional value and palatability of the food and most importantly, the over-all cost of the menu.

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Jobs in Food and Beverage Industry

Posted by tag44jobs on April 20, 2009

Food & Beverage industry  is the sector/industry that specializes in the conceptualization, the making of, and delivery of foods. The largest section of F&B employees are in restaurants and bars, including hotels, resorts, and casinos.

We offer a variety of programs to suit our wide variety of clients. Every position opening and every candidate is special. It takes a thorough and professional approach to make the resulting relationship a sound one.

TAG44 is specialized in the Food & Beverage Industry in North America. The Food & Beverage industry is the 2nd largest industries in USA. This industry employs millions of people in USA. We have expertise knowledge of the industry and we are one of the nation’s top executive recruiters, and have developed significant expertise in the foodservice, restaurant, and hospitality markets.

Bringing real world food service and restaurant industry operating experience, our firm can recruit “star” candidates for a broad range of senior-level and management roles.  These executives have been recruited both from within the industry and from broader consumer companies. FOOD MANAGEMENT SEARCH specializes in contingency recruiting projects exclusively in the food manufacturing and food service industries with a MISSION to target food industry professionals for organizations in search of the best leadership needed to gain strategic advantage over their competition.

What We Do Best —
• Plant Manufacturing Operations
• Quality Assurance / Safety
• Research & Development
• Sales
• Marketing
• Supply Chain Logistics
• Distribution Transportation
• Purchasing
• Financial
• Food Service / culinary

We have maintained a Food and Beverage industry practice for more than 5 years and are networked throughout the country, maintaining contacts in all segments of the industry.

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