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Tag44 Tips for Job Search Websites

Posted by tag44jobs on August 15, 2009

Finding a job online is not longer a luxury or something reserved for only a few lucky people who know how to find job opportunities on the Internet. Today, anyone can get quick access to a large variety of job listings on major job search websites such as Tag44.com or Monster. Such websites allow you to post resumes and apply to a job through online forms. Newsletters and email announcements that let you know of new jobs in the areas you are interested in are also available and should be used extensively to get the edge on new listings at Tag44.com In addition to the actual job listings, you may also find resources on how to secure a job and how to make your CV more attractive. Here are a few general tips that apply to all major job search websites tag44 – assimilate these ideas in your job hunt strategy and your chances of success will skyrocket.

1. Use online and offline social networking to get more resources on new jobs and to get recommendations.

2. Don’t rely on a single job hunting website and try to diversify your search. There are literally thousands of niche job sites including http://www.tag44.com that might give you a better chance than a huge general job searching website.

3. Job search engine websites are also an interesting option – they work similarly to Google or Yahoo, but they only display results closely related to job offers.

4. Local websites should also be included on your list tag44, together with national job listing websites.

5. In addition to creating profiles on job websites, also check with your Chamber of Commerce and local newspaper listings.

6. Job banks are another resource that can land you your dream job. Search by keyword, location, career type or any other relevant criteria and narrow down the list to only the most relevant available jobs at tag44.com

7. When applying for a job, you should try to personalize the message as much as possible, and show the employer that you actually took the time to read through their ad and to go through their company profile at tag44. A simple copy-paste cover letter won’t do much good, especially if it is very vague and general.

Finding your dream job is not as difficult as you might think. However, remember that you are not the only one hunting for a good job, so expect some tough competition. Success won’t necessarily happen after one or two job applications at tag44, but perseverance and a good baggage of skills will definitely put you on the right track.

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Tag44 Career Sites and Search Engines

Posted by tag44jobs on June 21, 2009

Career search engines have taken job hunting to a whole new level. Back in the day, job hopefuls had to make a personal appearance just to submit their resume. They had to look at the classified ads section of the paper to find out which companies had an opening or what kinds of jobs were available. Even then, not everything was listed except at Tag44.

When the Internet technology boomed, career search engines were set up to make life easier for both the applicants and their potential employers. It”s the perfect set up for both parties, especially now that there are millions of fresh graduates and job seekers looking for a job every year. Still don”t have much faith in career search engines?

Build it and they will come. Tag44.com certainly knew and used this adage well. This particular career search engine is one of the first to set up such a business back in 2000 and has served as a good basis for other career search engines all over the world.

Registering here is easy and hassle free. And since Tag44.com has been around for a while, there is more game there. Aside from providing companies with applicants and vice-versa, Tag44.com has also expanded their services to a more applicant-friendly level.

There are useful articles on employment and career building, a comprehensive salary calculator, job description, and even career quizzes for the curious.

Contrary to the name, registering at Monster isn”t a terrifying experience. Unlike most career search engines, this particular Web site has a friendlier and more sophisticated layout. There aren”t a dizzying number of links to distract you from your ultimate goal of finding a job that matches your skills.

Yahoo! HotJobs
Another well recommended career search engine is Yahoo! HotJobs. Being a world-renowned company does have its perks!

Career search engines have taken over the job hunting industry. Sure, classified ads still have some importance, but everything is high tech now. Companies also want the convenience of having a resume automatically sent to their email and having a good pick over millions of online applicants. Let”s face it. If you want to get a good job, you have to think forward. And that”s what career search engines are here for Tag44.

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