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Tag44 Online Employment Screening Process

Posted by tag44jobs on October 29, 2009

Recent studies have shown that up to 80% of applicants furnish misleading information in one form or another. Educational background, length of employment, previous employer, and position held are some common areas that applicants tend to falsify at tag44. Employment screening is used as a litmus test for companies looking to hire new employees. It helps judge the credibility of data provided by the applicant. The application for employment (including resume) is an important document and holds vital information at tag44.com It forms the basis of the screening process and also plays a crucial role in choosing the right candidate at tag44. But if the information provided therein is skewed, the decision that is based on it would automatically qualify to be incorrect.

The level of applicant falsification varies but is certainly prevalent and cannot be ignored at tag44. While most applicants are unlikely to add jobs to their resumes that they have not had, many fabricate the dates of their employment to create an illusion of reliability. The main motive is to make their resumes look more impressive than they really are tag44.com Therefore, the importance of employment screening used by employers to separate fact from fiction is compelling and undeniable. However, the ease and the speed at which this information can be accessed is equally important tag44. In the wake of this, online employment screening is quickly gaining precedence over traditional employment screening methods tag44.com

Online employment screening is provided via browser based applications and/or email accounts at tag44. This web based employment screening solution can be used to perform real time searches and features the fastest turnaround times. Online employment screening gives employers a range of valuable tools and options along with speed and flexibility to screen applicants throguh tag44.com This easy access to screening data facilitates faster and reliable personnel decisions. Time is often of the essence, for both the employers and the applicants when making a hiring decision tag44. Most companies offering online employment screening provide a secure and reliable web based submittal and retrieval system tag44.com Some of the key benefits of online employment screening are:

Eliminates time consuming manual processing.
Information is available round-the-clock.
Information provided is accurate and reliable.
Provides user friendly and easy to read reports.

Online employment screening services generally include different features and are available in different packages at tag44. Organizations can choose a particular package depending on their needs. Almost all companies providing online employment screening service furnish FCRA certified data at tag44.com However, it would be a good idea to check this before signing with any employment screening company. Access to web based employment screening is an advantage for people associated with the hiring process tag44. It is an effective and efficient way to conduct employment screening.

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