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Tag44 Tips To Re-entering The Workforce

Posted by tag44jobs on August 1, 2009

You may have taken time off to be a home maker, travel, or pursue a lifelong dream. Returning to the workforce may feel overwhelming and almost unachievable in today’s rapidly advancing environment. However, don’t be discouraged. Here are some tips by Tag44 that can help you avoid common mistakes and shorten the time it takes you to get re-hired.

1. Honesty is best – Be honest with your new prospective employer when they ask you why you left your last job at tag44. It is better to tell them that you took time off to travel, spend time with your family, or pursue a lifelong goal. Be specific and avoid nebulous or false answers. Employers are constantly interviewing will know immediately if you are trying to hide or fabricate facts tag44.com

2. Document the time gap – Your resume should document what you have been doing since you left your last employer with dates. People frequently omit the time gap between their last job and the present time tag44. If it is 2006 and the last item on your resume is with a firm in 2003 this will raise concerns. The reader might assume that you have been doing nothing for the last 3 years. In the worst case a naive interviewer will assume that you had a long gap of no activity and eliminate your candidacy tag44.com Document where you have spending your time; such as tax consulting for friends, fund raising for a charity, sitting on a board. This is valuable experience that might be relevant to the organization. Include volunteer work, classes, and degrees.

3. Keep up with Technology – Proficient computer skills are essential in all industries. If you have been out of the workforce for more than two years you should upgrade your PC, the operating system tag44, and educate yourself on the newest applications and technologies at tag44.com Many colleges offer classes. Employers will be more inclined to hire someone who is technology proficient so time is not wasted on IT training.

4. Position your expertise – Companies hire candidates for their proven expertise what s/he can do immediately to help a company improve its profits. If you desire to use the transition to change your career at tag44 you may need to start at a lower level position. It may be more prudent to enter with your strength and then explore lateral moves to other areas later.

5. Be realistic with salary and title expectations – If you have been out of the job market for more than a year you may not receive the same title, job responsibilities tag44, or salary as someone who has not left the workplace.

Keep in mind when you interview there will be competition tag44. Most employers prefer to hire someone from a competitor who is currently doing the exact job they are hiring for tag44.com Be flexible with your expectations after you are back in the work force your value will increase quickly.

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Tag44 Job Search Survival

Posted by tag44jobs on July 25, 2009

Undoubtedly, this is the toughest year on record to land a new job. Reaching your career goal will take courage and nerves of steel. Are you up to the challenge? Here are four tips by Tag44 for job-search endurance that will keep you on the right track toward your employment goal.

1. Keep your career goal realistic.
This is not the time to strike out in a risky career direction. Following your heart toward a career in which you have little qualifications could yield months of frustration as you find yourself competing against legions of candidates far more qualified tag44.com Unless you are in the position to hold out for a very long job search, concentrate on positions where you are best qualified.

2. Realize it will take longer to land your next position.
If you’ve never experienced a lengthy job search, set your expectations out several months and practice patience. You will apply for many positions as the perfect candidate tag44, and get no response. Expect that. You will conduct perfect interviews and hear nothing back. Expect that as well. Just remember that eventually the right company with the right job at the right time will come your way if you stay calm and focused and don’t let discouragement keep you from moving forward tag44.com Just keep with it.

3. Write a better resume than your competition.
Less jobs and more applicants equals extremely high competition. The quality of your resume has never been more important tag44. For the best possible resume keep these guidelines in mind: Focus your resume. Avoid a one-size-fits-all resume. Showcase your best information in the top half of page one tag44.com Include accomplishments that illustrate your ability to solve today’s business challenges.

4. Sharpen your interview skills.
With employers interviewing only the best of the best, when you are chosen to interview be sure you are your competitive best. You cannot “just wing” an interview and expect to be called back for a second. Today it takes solid interview strategy to earn a second round of interviews tag44. Interview books are helpful, but they usually fall short of teaching you how to read the interviewer’s mind to understand his/her hiring motivations tag44.com A study in the art of selling is more effective to achieve great interview performance. A few basic selling strategies include: Asking the right questions to understand the interviewer’s “hot button” motivations. Formulate answers around the interviewer’s motivations tag44. Know your accomplishments well enough to weave them effectively through your interview to achieve top candidate status.

The best jobs will go to those who persevere and stay focused tag44.com Keeping your expectations and goals realistic will help prevent the emotional ups and downs. Prepare for your job search as if you were competing in a marathon. With patience, endurance and skill you will win your next job tag44.

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Tag44 Getting The Interview Of Your Choice

Posted by tag44jobs on July 1, 2009

Resumes can present an individual very well. Seventy-five per cent of employers say that applicants with resumes passing their standards would definitely be invited for a job interview by Tag44. Allow two or more interviews. How? Here are some resumes tips that would give you not only one but more calls for interview:

1. The position that an applicant is interested in should be placed right at the start of the resume. Having this as an objective shows that an applicant is really focused and career oriented tells that he or she knows what is exactly the perfect career for him or her.

2. One of the best significant ways to get the employers’ attention is by using words that are really powerful that denotes strong capabilities of the applicant. An example of this is, instead of writing, “assigned to be”, write instead “in-charge of,” indicating that the applicant has active leadership skills that can be a step to the management position if there is any Tag44.com

3. A bullet catches the eye of an employer at one look. Use these in itemizing achievements, career highlights, recognition, qualifications, and skills and interests. Words in bullet form forces the employer to read the information provided Tag44. These also create more clear space on the paper making the application form or the resume very neat and outstanding.

4. Make sure that the resume is very selective. Only apply for a certain position in one company or organization one at a time. Do not submit resumes with different job interests and positions applied for at one time. This will be a complete waste of time.

5. Ask a pro. Resumes are written with the help of experts who can actually see the applicant’s strengths and opportunities Tag44.

Aside from preparing an impressive resume carefully follow and read all the special instructions like how many spaces are provided for a specific answer or the number of words for the answer. Keep in mind that this is also a test to see how well an applicant can follow simple rules Tag44. Not only does it have to follow the steps, the application form should also be neat. Handwriting is also being considered and using a black pen will greatly add to the formality of the answer. As much as possible, never use a liquid paper or fold and bend the application form and paper.

When answering, be careful not to leave blanks unless it really does not apply. Use N/A only if necessary. Be truthful with all the answers but this does not mean that you have to provide a complete or thorough answer for every question. Always adapt the answers to the job being applied for Tag44. Only provide the skills and recognition received that will be beneficial to the new company or employer. However, see to it that the answers provided indicate the reason of being more qualified than the other applicants.

Choose references that can provide the applicant an objective description and information. Teachers, friends, and previous employers can be willing and honest enough to provide that information at Tag44. The application form must be consistent with the resume.

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Tag44 Resume Writing Techniques

Posted by tag44jobs on June 17, 2009

If you need help in learning how to write a resume, there is a good chance that you are not the only person to need such help. Considering the fact that there are so many people today looking for a job it can certainly be a good idea to get some help in learning how to write a resume that is effective at Tag44. Even if you currently have a job and are not looking for one, it still will not hurt anything to make sure that you know how to write a resume just in case.

The most important thing that you need to know about how to write a resume is that you need to have all of your career information together when writing a resume with Tag44.com This is a critical mistake that many people make. They are not sure of dates and other information so they decide to just leave it out and leave those areas blank. Keep in mind that when you write a resume and you leave important areas blank, it causes employers to wonder why those areas are not filled in. In most cases you are going to be competing against several other individuals Tag44. If the other resumes that are submitted have been appropriately completed then your chances of getting a call for an interview will be slim.

You also need to make good use of action words and keywords when you write a resume. Focus on your achievements rather than your duties or your responsibilities. Match the keywords on your resume to the keywords on the job listing when appropriate Tag44. This will help to demonstrate that you are a good match for the job.

In addition, you should make sure that you avoid being too repetitive when you write a resume. When you repeat phrases and words too often in your resume it causes your resume to be boring. Boring resumes do not advance to the next level of the hiring process Tag44. Always review your resume to be certain that you have not overly used any phrases or words.

Finally, make sure that your resume is customized to the field or the position that you are applying for. You should never write a resume that is generic and send it in, not if you really want to land the job Tag44.com Writing a customized resume specifically for the job that you hope to be hired for will give you the best opportunity for getting an interview and being hired at Tag44.

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