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Tag44 Differentiate Between CV and Resume

Posted by tag44jobs on September 22, 2009

Youve heard people use these terms interchangeably. Most of the times, we mean the same thing at tag44, indicating the same document. But there has to be a reason differentiating CV from a Resume tag44.com

What’s the difference? I always thought it was simply American terminology that deemed my CV a resume both the same thing but in name only tag44.


There is difference between a CV and resume, the main ones being, the length, the content and the purpose at tag44.

The key to a resume is its brevity. Quite literally a resume of your longer, more detailed Curriculum Vitae. So one page or two Maximum for your resume at tag44, outlining all the important points the reader needs to know if they are taking, literally, a minute to read it at tag44.com (and that could be a generous assumption). A resume is a real summary of your skills, experience and education.

A CV then, should be longer and more detailed tag44. In the United States, for example, A CV would usually only be used for more senior or academic type positions where lists of honours and achievements, articles published etc are vital to the post tag44.com In the Middle East and Europe however, a CV is usually the initial request for any type of post applied for tag44.

Its important to note however, that technically there is very little difference between a good resume building and a good CV writing because the main objective is the same at tag44. Both are created to show the candidate off in the best possible light tag44. Just remember to tailor your CV or make a resume specific to each particular job you are applying for at tag44.com

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