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Recruiting on the Web at Tag44.com

Posted by tag44jobs on July 10, 2009

The web can vastly expand an organization’s ability to search for talent and present itself as an employer tag44. The web has enabled us to put more company information and job information in the hands of job seekers. Just has job seekers want to present themselves in a favorable way towards employers, so do the companies tag44.com

Is the web being used effectively for recruiting and staffing by employers? Employers are complaining that the web has dramatically increased applicant pools with the misconception that the entire nation is the relevant labor market tag44, which it is not. Bigger is not always better, and many authors pride themselves on telling employers to post jobs in more than one job board like tag44.com and to process thousands of applicants. The key to effective recruiting is to use the Internet as the enabling technology as it is. Not to rely on it.

Are you tired of receiving thousands of resumes for a single open position? The answer is NOT to post jobs online. I’ll use an example of how I recruit for employees. If I have an opening for an account executive position, and I am located in Miami,FL I place a “print only” ad in the local newspaper with a link to my company web site http://www.tag44.com for three days. The applicants would visit my company web site for information about the job and to apply online. No resumes are accepted! Only application forms! Application is stored in my database and I am notified of the new applications by e-mail. Similar to the way an e-commerce site is notified that an order has been placed. This way I am able to keep my total number applicants to 20 or 30 for an open position tag44. That is more manageable than 1,000 that the 120,000 companies doing online recruiting are receiving.

There is a misconception that companies need to post their jobs online on as many job boards as possible. That is not what the Internet is supposed to do. The Internet is an enabling technology to help companies streamline administrative processes tag44. Companies need to focus on their “relevant labor market.” The relevant labor market is the area that you are “physically” doing business in. For example, if you are located in Fort Lauderdale, your relevant labor market is Broward County. Not everyone in Broward County is qualified to be a sales person, and not every sales person is qualified to be an outside sales person tag44.com Therefore, the ad that is placed in the local newspaper is designed with a realistic job preview of what the job entails with a link to the company web site for a complete job description and online application. This process is what I termed “web enhanced recruiting.” Recruiting is impacted by the Internet at http://www.tag44.com but is not solely relied upon as is the case with most companies today.

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Online Jobs for Newbees at Tag44

Posted by tag44jobs on June 25, 2009

As of now, many of us would be familiar with online jobs and their advantages. Apart from the known perks like working from home and great salary there is also another added advantage of it being a relatively easy career option in Tag44. This can be said so of these jobs because they provide a huge platform for computer users with just a little amount of basic knowledge. People with a simple understanding of working on computers can be employed, and that too with a decent pay.

The types of work which we are discussing here and which are compatible with novices are data entry jobs at Tag44. Though these pay less, the amount of work which needs to be done is minimal and even if it’s not minimal it is uncomplicated. Since the effort involved here is less, one person will be able to do a large number of jobs under different sites and hence invariably the worker gets paid more.

Theoretically, all this may sound fairly easy to do and they are. But practically, these projects are hard to come by. This means that though there are hundreds of thousands of career options available, acquiring them becomes the toughest job. Initially, the work does not come by easily and it is difficult for a beginner to have a foot hold in the market. But once a fresher gets a chance to work, he/she must grab hold of it and prove himself/herself in a convincing manner that the recruiter is forced to give further projects to him/her due to an excellently done previous work at Tag44.com

All said and done, this cannot be accomplished easily as novices are competing with experts and other from all over the world and they must have an extra edge over them to win projects. New comers can start off with less-than-decent pays and toil under extremely stringent deadlines to just have a start in the online industry with Tag44. Once they have established a good name for their work, they can demand more and work under relaxing deadlines. Also starting off as a novice and setting basic requirements, they have an advantage over the professionals as companies generally seek quality work for cheap labor which the professionals might not compromise for Tag44.com

There are a lot of sites like Tag44.com offering online jobs and these sites need to be first identified by the beginners. Once that has been done, they need to be on the lookout for jobs and apply for them with all sincerity. Once they land on a job, they must do it earnestly and create a good reputation which will help them in future endeavors. As more and more projects are done, they gain experience and are able to enhance their salaries. So what are you beginners waiting for? Enroll yourself in a site offering these services and make the best use of them.

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