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General Questions in Job Interviews By Tag44

Posted by tag44jobs on August 3, 2009

Job interviews are meant to be stressful, so don’t even think that you’re becoming crazy if yours that’s scheduled tomorrow (or next week, probably) makes you feel the same way as Ann once did after she was abducted by the dreadfully-frightening creatures of Skull Island. As a matter of fact, even job seekers who have gone on countless interviews in the past still feel uneasy before an interview tag44. And since, a job interview is meant to be this way, what you can do to somehow lessen its unappealing effects on your stomach and pores, is to prepare tag44.com How? Take the time to review the “standard” interview questions you’ll most likely be asked. Here are some of them:

The most popular interview question is, What are your pet peeves? Take note that the interviewer isn’t expecting you to respond with some dramatic stories about your love for dogs, cats or any other adorable creature that’s considered a member of Kingdom Animalia to this question tag44. Instead, he’s asking you what are the things that piss you out. This will help him determine if you would be a good fit with the company culture tag44.com So, what should be your answer? Deny that you have pet peeve. Tell him if something is bothering you, you analyze why and find a good solution.

Another interview-favorite question is, “How do you handle stress and pressure?” Of course, any kind of work gives out pressure tag44. The interviewer wants to know here if your case of getting pressured is in the extremes. Your best possible response is to admit that you get affected by stress, but you don’t let it totally control you. Instead, you view it as motivator tag44.com Tell him that you deal with stress by balancing good stress and bad stress – that you need good stress to stay alive and productive.

How do you evaluate success? is also another cliché interview question. To be able to answer this properly, mention some aspects of your social life and the career life you’re planning to have with the company tag44.com Tell him that success in the workplace is all about meeting goals and acing sales. In social life, success for you is, let’s say, every time your badminton team wins in local competitions or when your garden flowers bloom every summer tag44.

But remember that interview questions are not always miss-universe-essay sounding. Lots of interviewers also ask interviewees to give them some information about the company tag44. Of course, this is to check whether you’re really interested in working for them or not. So, what you should do is to prepare in advance, or, in other words, research. Search for the company’s website, then review the About Us section of that website tag44.com In addition, read blogs that mention the company, and check Discussion Boards and social networking sites and job sites like tag44.com

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