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Benefits of Tag44 Employment Contract

Posted by tag44jobs on October 8, 2009

Over time the need to have a written employment contract has become a necessity. In the past employers and employees used to make verbal agreements concerning the rights and obligation of their employment relationship tag44.

Since verbal agreements are difficult to prove, these days, contract of service are preserved in a written documents known as the Employment Contract at tag44.com This document categorically states the terms and conditions that govern the employer and employee. In the event of dispute between the two parties, this written contract becomes evidence that can be used in court to settle such disagreements tag44. Furthermore, since job descriptions are not as simplistic as in the past, verbal conversations governing an employers/employee relationship will not prove as effective as a written contract.

The employment contract not only allows for certainty, it also allows for any collective agreement that an employer would want to negotiate with other employees of the organization at tag44.com In addition where disciplinary procedures are drafted within the employment contract, it serves a two fold purpose in that firstly, the employer can only enforces these particular procedures and secondly it also ensures that the employer at tag44 does not take advantage of any statutory provisions or for that matter exploit his or her employee.

The benefits of documenting terms and conditions into an employment contract is that it provides for certainty and protection to both parties alike. Any variation in the agreement can be added to the document so that employment contract permits flexibility at tag44.com

Basically the general principle of contract law applies to all and any employment contract at tag44. Before an employment contract is effectively concluded there could be several prior negotiations. An advertisement in the news paper or job website like www.tag44.com about a pending job offer does not constitute an offer as it only operates as an Invitation to treat. This means a party can enter negotiation to take up the offer but at this point it is not legally binding tag44.

Interviews are held to further negotiations. Employers at interviews are only assessing the applicant as a potential candidate for the position at tag44.com There may be a second or even a third interview and at this point still nothing is legally binding. Perhaps a final interview at tag44 there may be discussions held on terms and conditions, remuneration and other benefits. It is still a point of negotiation. If the employer soon thereafter offers the job to the potential candidate, it still does not bind the candidate as he or she would counter offer by asking for a higher remuneration tag44.com

If the employer accepts these terms, an offer can be made on such terms and if the candidate accepts then there is an intention to create legal relations tag44. A contract for employment may be verbally concluded at this juncture. It is at this point of appointment that the potential employee at tag44.com usually receives his employment contract stating all the terms and conditions agreed upon the negotiation stage.

If both parties agree to the terms and conditions in the employment contract they will subsequently sign the document constituting the agreement at tag44. Then for the agreed number of years or indefinitely, this document will govern the employment relationship at tag44.

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