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Tag44 Recruitment Agencies Work

Posted by tag44jobs on June 2, 2009

Anyone who has ever looked for a full time job knows the amount of time that is spent in preparation, interviewing, and waiting by the phone to hear the verdict. The simple process of filling out multiple applications and prepared CVs for review by various hiring managers can be a full time job in its own right. Applicants then have to ready themselves for the interview, contact references to let them know a call might be coming their way, and continue the job hunt while they wait to hear back following an interview. There is a simple way to cut all of this trouble and anguish out of a professional’s daily life: work with a recruitment agency like Tag44.

Recruitment agencies have grown and advanced greatly over the last decade, with the help of the Internet and a rapidly expanding global economy. The agency like Tag44 can take the headache out of the job hunt for exceptional candidates, whether it is by setting up interviews or by providing advice on how to fill out an application effectively. Recruiters, trainers, and other agency professionals often have years of experience in their particular field, which will give any professional the confidence they need to invest into the agency’s efforts.

Working with a recruitment agency is beneficial to professionals in a number of ways. The application and initial interview process that agencies put their candidates through acts as a simulation of corporate interviewing processes. Indeed, the purpose of this review of an applicant’s qualifications is not just to prove their worthiness for work with the agency but to show their mettle under pressure. After an applicant is accepted, professionals benefit from top notch training and preparation for interviews and the inevitable placement with a corporate client. Most agencies like Tag44 offer one-on-one sessions with a recruiter, which can help young professionals sort out any question they have about their abilities. As well, these recruiters can assess an applicant’s CV, their interview skills, and their other assets heading into an interview to determine areas of weakness.

Applicants who choose to work with a recruiting firm often receive training specific to their field as well as sessions on general office etiquette Tag44. Training sessions are often taught by trainers with experience in a specific field, which gives individual recruits the opportunity to gain virtual access to their future field. As well, a newly placed professional can usually consult with their agency to continue their professional development.

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Tag44 Advise For Candidates

Posted by tag44jobs on April 14, 2009

For Candidates We work with talented individuals to help them achieve their professional and personal goals by exposing them to exciting opportunities with industry leading companies.

Candidates in our focus industries can rely on their executive recruiter to provide industry expertise, human resources proficiency and multi-cultural experience. The Q Works Group offers a wide range of benefits for career advancement.

Benefits include:

Advise on creating a powerful resume
Coaching before and after interviews
Knowledge of rewarding positions both in the U.S. and in Germany
Relocation assistance within the U.S. and internationally

The Q Works Group emphasizes the need for a strong partnership in our recruiting efforts. We can serve both our clients and candidates best when we act as mediators who facilitate long lasting engagements that benefit both company and employee.

Therefore, we strive to familiarize our candidates with our clients’ corporate culture to ensure compatibility with regard to business goals and principles. Our goal is to create win-win relationships for clients and candidates. This works best when both sides are open in stating their expectations.  By providing information, tools and resources, our candidates are armed with everything they need to make informed decisions.

Whether you’re actively seeking a new position or casually interested in seeing what’s available, we can help you explore your career options.

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Tag44 Advice For Job Seekers

Posted by tag44jobs on April 14, 2009

“Your only real security starts with your responsibility to your career,” says Joanne Cini, author of “Kingmaker: Be the One Your Company Wants to Keep…On Your Terms.” “Excellence is the first ingredient to keeping your job, gaining free agency and moving forward with your career.”

Protect Yourself
A series of massive, highly-publicized and sometimes unexpected layoffs have made job security seem like a thing of the past. “Even if a person is doing a job that seems completely secure – a job that they really like, they should still do some preventative networking.” says Marky Stein, a career coach in San Jose, Calif. “They should interview for at least two other jobs per year, even if their job seems fine. That way, the day the company lays you off; you have people to call whom you’ve met before.”

Stein says that interviewing with other companies gives a job seeker leverage when negotiating a salary. “You can tell your employer that you got an offer for a higher salary,” Stein says. “Let them respond to that and see what happens.”

Employees have also learned to investigate all aspects of a potential job. “Employees have to rethink the whole idea of moving up within their company because in some cases, the position they’re considering may be slated for elimination,” says Kenneth McGhee, author of “Eleven Leadership Tips for Supervisors”. “Employees should ask themselves whether the position is critical to the core mission of the organization.

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Tag44 Reference

Posted by tag44jobs on April 6, 2009

We appreciate the referrals you provide of other successful professionals in the field. Feel free to recommend Tag44 to any friend, colleague or competitor you think highly of, or let us know who they are and we will contact them confidentially.

Unlike the majority of recruiting related websites, we put you in control of who sees your resume. We understand the importance of confidentiality in your job search. Your resume is never “online” for just anyone to see. Upon transmittal your resume is imported into our proprietary database and searchable by only team Tag44. This is a password-protected “Intranet” site. External third parties or web crawlers do not have access to our secured database. And you can be assured that your profile will be individually reviewed for new positions on an ongoing basis.

As professional recruiters our mission is twofold: to source the best talent to meet our client’s hiring needs and to promote the career advancement of candidates with which we work. At Tag44 we are committed to this dual mission. As your career managers we understand the privileged role that we occupy when you choose to partner with our firm. We know that you are not just looking for a “job” but for just the right career opportunity to help propel you to the next level in your professional development. That’s why it is important for us to help you find a position that will challenge your skills, fit your goals, and offer the greatest potential for career satisfaction.

Our foremost inclination is to locate candidates who are likely to stay with the client for the long-term because they are well-qualified for the position and because their goals and dispositions conform both to the job and to the company culture. Our job is to help clients not only recruit but retain top talent. We accomplish this by evaluating both client and candidate-side variables which influence retention in order to assist our clients in hiring and retaining the best professionals.

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Uniqueness of Tag44

Posted by tag44jobs on April 6, 2009

Corporate Assistance operates as a hybrid practice; noticeably different from pure search: results-driven rather than process-driven. Cultivating of a wide personal network of contacts has resulted in access to a larger and deeper pool of promising candidates. Each new client or candidate relationship becomes a joint venture based on integrity, open communication, common values and trust. We work to enhance the candidate’s long term career goals within the complimentary culture of the organization.

You will find us highly accessible, return calls promptly and treat client and candidates with respect. We understand the importance of detail and follow-through. There will be no loose ends or unanswered questions at the end of the search process.

We work to ensure each placement enhances our Clients’ ability to meet and exceed business objectives, helping to identify their unique competitive advantage and provide candidates who possess expertise, fit the culture and will build long-term company value.

How Tag44 is Different

• We at Tag44 regularly update & maintain our in- house database of qualified & potential job seekers.
• Our clients get the access to a huge database of passive candidates who otherwise are
• We provide pre-screened & scrutinized candidates to the clients.
• Our dedicated team works hard in providing the client with a talent who would compliment their existing team.
• We believe in providing the best of customer service along with your staffing needs as you will get to speak with the same person every time you call.

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