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Avoid Common Mistakes In Your Resume By Tag44

Posted by tag44jobs on December 4, 2009

If you have ever to write a resume, for any purpose or person, you would agree that it is not as simple a task as it sounds to be at the tag44 onset. You have to incorporate so much information about your objective, qualification, experience and your personal information at tag44.com all in an order to impress your prospective employer on first sight only. Although, resume building is not a tough think, you can always avoid some common mistakes and improve your prospects:

Inviting on personal websites:
Some of the IT savvy young today find it appropriate to provide link to their personal website in their resume, to enable their prospects view the details and sample works or portfolio online at tag44. But what if you site is full of personal stuff and contents that has nothing to do with your career life. Browsing through such sites and wading through this irrelevant information would cost precious time to your prospective employer at tag44.com

You should also not include a web address in your resume, if it contains your fancy photos, funny jokes or any other such stuff like Blog, Forum or anything else at tag44. If it is not only elaborating your curriculum vitae, better keep it at bay from your resume at tag44.com

You can of course include a web link if it displays your portfolio, testimonials, recommendation letters, presentations, and photos for professional use at tag44.

Proper Formatting:
A single page resume is of course the best. Do not compress fonts, reduce line spaces and meddle with margins to fit all your text on one page at tag44.com Let it sprawl on second page if it has to, but follow the same style through out the resume and keep it easily readable tag44.com Two page resume is an ideal size, after all you have got a lot to mention, like career objective, educational qualification, experience at tag44, reference, etc.

Remember, your skills in formatting your resume, will also advocate your computer and MS office skills to the employer at tag44.com If you are presenting a poorly formatted resume, it would leave a negative impression regarding your abilities and knowledge at tag44.

Avoid excessive use of uncommon abbreviation:
It has been observed that candidate’s often use abbreviations and short names for their schools, colleges, universities or ex-employers names tag44.com Do not do that. Try to mentioning full names, in stead. Sometimes, excessive use of abbreviation demand extra efforts from the HR and might fetch his/her irritation at tag44.

Cut it short:
Sometimes, candidate’s feel so excited about writing one or many of their previous jobs that they forget the ideal word limit tag44.com You are not going to write an essay, you are writing your resume. Just mention your past experiences, or job responsibilities at tag44 in 2-3 sentences only.

Read it twice:
Last but not least, check and recheck your resume against any possible grammar or spelling mistake at tag44. There is no harm in getting it reviewed by one or two experts if you know them. If you have submitted a sloppy resume with many red and green lines, you have cut your chances yourself at tag44.com Your resume is going to be your first impression before the prospective employer, make it perfect in every manner and the job is yours at tag44.

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