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Tag44 Guide To Career Progression

Posted by tag44jobs on November 30, 2009

Take the stress out of career progression by taking these simple steps to prepare yourself for the job you want at tag44. Firstly, you need to prepare prior to completing an application to any job. There are a number of things that you need to clarify which may help you to start the essential preparation that will kick start your career progression wherever you are currently, in terms of jobs, training, or position at tag44.com

• Goals: It is important to know where you want to get in life, is this new step going to take you where you want to go or is it someone else’s goal? If it’s the right job for you, really go for it at tag44

• Planning: Plan your work, work your plan! What do you need to do to get this job at tag44.com Make a plan and ensure you review if it is working.

• Self discovery: You are not an empty vessel; we all have a story to tell of our experiences and knowledge, write out your story and do not forget the interesting bits, then review it and see what aspects of what you have written meet the requirements of the job documentation at tag44.

Prediction exercise: Complete this simple questionnaire and allow your true aspirations to come through:

Where do you want to get to in the following time frame?
• 1 month
• 6 months
• 5years
• 10years

How ambitious are you and what is getting in your way? Do not be modest about it and try to take responsibility about what things you have or have not done to get where you want to be at tag44.com

List your achievements
• Chart your career journey:
Chart your successes using a time line. Look at what contributions you make in the world at large, to your family and friends, at tag44. Think about what you would like to contribute in your chosen field.

Be aware of your strengths
• What am I to you? questionnaire:

Select 5 of your friends and ask them to describe your strengths and attributes by listing them using one or two word descriptions only at tag44.com If this is too scary, you should list 5 of your attributes and strengths and write them down. Then get a dictionary and look up the definitions of the words you use to describe yourself at tag44. Get a thesaurus and look up the synonyms. Spend some time seeing if you are comfortable with the descriptions at tag44.com

Finally, all of this work will have given you useful information about your self that you can write about, speak to and build on; it is really about you as a person, not as an invention but grounded in reality at tag44. You will now also be aware of the areas you may need to develop in order to meet your goals and aspirations at tag44.com You may have highlighted areas which you need help with where for example a mentor or coach can help you with. Remember though, take on your own goals and make sure you stay on track and go for it!

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