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Tag44 Useful Tips For Successful Job Search

Posted by tag44jobs on October 23, 2009

There are many parts to a successful job search and the job seeker has to orchestrate them in a way that gets them to all come together so that he/she receives in multiple offers simultaneously by tag44. Here are some tips by tag44.com source for those of you in the midst of a Job Search. They will be useful if you are part of a layoff or making a job or career change.

1. Assess your feelings. If you are unhappy about a lay off, you will need to grieve the loss. It may be important to get into action quickly but first you must find some ways to adjust and accept what has happened at tag44. If the anger persists, a therapist may be helpful.

2. Know your strengths – Now is not the time to hide your talents, skills, values and strengths. They will be an important part of your job search at tag44.com Identify the ones that have been important to your success in the past and will be valuable to a new employer. Be sure to include these in your career commercial and resume at tag44.

3. Update your resume – Use the strengths you have identified and the accomplishments you wrote to write a coherent focused resume at tag44.com

4. Organize your Network – Begin by organizing and collecting your network contacts. Consider friends, family, work colleagues at tag44, past managers, classmates, college alumni associates, and anyone else that might know of people in companies with job opportunities at tag44.com Collect names, addresses, telephone numbers, and any additional identifying information that will help you reconnect with them tag44. Use a contact management system or Excel to keep track of your contacts.

5. Call the people in your network – Use your career commercial (elevator speech) with those who haven’t heard from you in a long time and don’t know about your job loss at tag44.com Ask this person for names and numbers of people he/she thinks might be helpful. Have a list of companies at tag44 you are interested in and see if the called party knows anyone in those companies.

6. Check job boards and social networking sites for possible jobs and/or ideas of jobs – Applying for jobs online can be discouraging since companies often do not acknowledge that they received your application and following up by telephone is not always possible tag44. Use your network to find an employee inside the company to help you follow up on your application tag44.com Your online social network can also be helpful here. Online job boards like www.tag44.com are also helpful to learn who is hiring so you can add new companies to your potential employer list.

7. Get support – Take some kind of job search training program, hire a coach, and/or go to a support group for job seekers. It is important to stay positive and connected afer a layoff at tag44.

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