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Tag44 Take on the Job Search

Posted by tag44jobs on August 29, 2009

If you are in the job market today you are painfully aware of the fact that there is much more competition out there than ever before tag44. There are more people looking for jobs and less people hiring and the companies that are hiring are being a lot pickier than they have been at any time in history. And now that you know all that, why not use that to your advantage? After all, you are unique and you know your strong points so why not go some place where companies are looking for you?

Enter Tag44.com Jobs. This is a unique job site on line. Unlike the other job boards that are out there, they do not pollute the site with a ton of bogus and junk ads that take forever to sift through only to find out that the ad actually already expired tag44. Yeah, you’ve been there haven’t you? We all have. It is annoying and a huge time waster for folks. And you will not find any of that on the Tag44 Jobs site. In fact, you can’t actually search for a job there. Ok, I hear your head shaking. If you can’t search for a job, then why should I waste my time over there?

It goes like this. When you are looking for a job, whether out of necessity or because you have a job and are looking to move up the ladder to a better position at tag44, you go there and fill in the information that they ask. Then you submit. Once that happens the computers at Tag44 Jobs run your answers into the database. If there are any companies out there looking for what you have to offer based on an matching algorithm tag44.com then you will be notified of a match and sent the information and you can make the informed decision of contacting the company and moving forward or forgetting it and doing nothing.

See when the company inputs the position they put in things like salary range, job skills, experience, geographic location and such tag44. They then have to decide what an acceptable candidate looks like for them. No one on this earth is perfect and fewer still folks are going to be a perfect match for any job at tag44, no matter how good they are. So let’s say that the company decides that if someone matches at 75 percent, they would like to talk with them. When your information is input and run through the data files and it hits that company and you match at least three quarters of skills and preferences that they are looking for tag44, you are sent that companies information job description in an email and then it is up to you to follow up.

The reason this makes sense for both the company and you is simple. The company will get qualified folks that are more than likely a good match for the position they are looking to fill tag44. You save time by not wasting your time going to countless interviews only to find out that the company was actually not right for you in the first place tag44.com

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