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Posted by tag44jobs on July 30, 2009

A few decades ago it was the norm to get a job at 18 or so and stayed with the same company for 45 years. Times have changed since then and with today’s technology and ever changing environment, this is no longer the case tag44. Connecting jobs and people can be a highly challenging assignment and in any work situation there are people who are misplaced whereby their jobs don’t make use of their skills and talents, and employees who are doing jobs they are no longer qualified to do because of reasons as new technology. If a company needs to restructure it has to deal with these employees at tag44.com, either by finding them alternative positions inside the company tag44, or make unfortunate redundancies.

When it comes down to termination, redundancy, outplacement, whatever you want to call it, it is extremely important that it is dealt with using tact, sensitivity and especially understanding tag44. The effects, on such individual, of a job loss, will be of huge impact as all of a sudden life has to be looked at and planned without the habituate such as a regular paycheck, health insurance, company car, overtime and other benefits tag44.com Although the financial/material effects are a big factor to deal with, there are more important effects such as psychological factors to be taken into consideration, like stress, self confidence and the worry of their place in society. Companies also need to be concerned about the other employees tag44 not facing the same thing as they might feel guilty, fear for the foreseeable future and de-motivated.

Downsizing, terminations and other outplacement consulting has gone from being dealt with by the company’s HR department into a specialized profession tag44. Career transition specialists work with businesses that are facing change either because of closure, restructure or integration and help them with the decision on the best plan of dealing with their employees tag44.com There are several services available for the employees facing the loss of their job and also to the rest of the staff who are not affected by the changes as the change to the working atmosphere will affect everyone in the company tag44.

In order to keep up with competition and survive in the ruthless world we live in every company has to restructure at times tag44. There are going to be decisions that some individuals will not like, but if you can make these people see that the company supports their staff through transition programs tag44, it will reassure them and give a sense of security.

A career change can be stress-full and if the employee has had no choice or thought in the matter this can make it even harder tag44. We all know that sometimes if you are a little stuck, all we need is a little push to get us motivated in making the decision on a new challenge, a new job or a new career that will offer satisfaction and happiness tag44.com Some people think that everything happens for a reason and that change is good.

The people who can definitely help you if you do find yourself in this position are Tag44 Career Management Planning and Outplacement consultants. They can absolutely maximize your chances of finding the perfect and exciting new career at tag44.com involving planning, preparing and they’ll even retrain you to learn new skills.

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