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Career in Network Administrator by Tag44

Posted by tag44jobs on July 28, 2009

Network administrator career is an ideal IT career if you find it irresistible to manage road and rail network for computers. Computer careers are among the best rising occupations, as expected for the period from 2002 to 2012 and network administrator and system administrator belong to these sets of career profiles tag44.

Duties Involved
A network technician or engineer designs, configures and sets up the infrastructure for a computer network. Once the network is configured, the administrator adds computer programs, such as e-mail, that the company’s workers use on a daily basis like tag44.com

A network administrator’s job generally depends on the size of the network for which he or she is accountable tag44. Adding new users to the network and configuring new devices, such as printers, to be used in the set of connections. Doing regular backups of the data in the set-up at tag44 so that if it crashes, nothing is vanished.

Places of Employment
Network administrator can work in computer and information technology based organizations.

Government and private firms and companies
Computer and network training institutes like schools, colleges and universities
Can manage public sectors.

Becoming a Network Administrator
In order to become network administrator, an individual can choose any of the following three educational qualifications:

Bachelor of Technology in network administration
Associate degree in network administration
Can go for certifications like MCSE,MCSA,CCNA,CCNP,RHCE etc

Apart from them, one can also opt for masters’ degree in the field to expand the reach of pursuing a superior career tag44. Specialized exams organized by various states can be considered after completing the necessary qualification in one of the above mentioned fields.

Career Profile
Career paths for network administrators can include transition into positions of greater dependability, including organization roles and other leadership positions. While salaries for such positions vary, experienced network administrators often get $50,000 per year or more. Completion of a certification in certain network software tag44, offered by variety of vendors and product makers, is sometimes required to qualify for entry-level position. But for an administrative position, your practical experience in technical aspects and people management is vital tag44.com

Network administrators profession can be pursued by individuals, who are willing to step into a wonderful career in the computer world tag44. It is suggested to gather more information before choosing the option to become a network systems administrator Stateuniversity.com is a competent online source information bank to provide accurate route to your career tag44.com

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