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Jobs in Accounting and Finance Firm

Posted by tag44jobs on April 27, 2009

We at Tag44 maintain a close and active relationship with the leading accounting and risk management consulting firms, and leading domestic and international banks and other financial institutions, including some of the hottest hedge funds in the industry. We work with and place high-quality candidates at all levels, with an emphasis on executive management.

A partial list of our active job categories includes business, financial and quantitative analysis, corporate finance and financial management, trading, compliance, all forms of risk management, marketing, sales, and much more. Looking at the economic scenario and with the ever changing economic structure, both private and public, the need for top financial and investment talent is great. Tag44 Finance division works with talented individuals with knowledge, skill and abilities in the wealth management, portfolio management, and investment arenas.

Our recruiters, all senior industry veterans with successful careers in financial and related industries, have been on both sides of the desk and won’t waste your time. We understand the products, the problems and the corporate culture and stay on top of market and regulatory changes and the evolution of industry requirements and practices. We find the best fit for the candidate, the job and the company. Tag44 team assists in thriving small companies looking to expand their capabilities; and we locate research and match potential merger opportunities that complement and generate synergy with the goals of parent companies.

Our expert recruiters at Tag44 understand that in today’s financial climate, the audit process must include an assessment of how clients’ business risks affect their financial statements. Moreover, changes in risk management, globalization and technological advancements are redefining the role of internal audit professionals. The candidates we place must have a true awareness of a company’s objectives, risk management priorities, and the diverse needs of critical stakeholders. As industry veterans, our recruiters have a unique edge in seeking out the right candidates for our clients. We actively place professionals who have mastered the skills as well as the advanced tools and techniques to ensure that they provide real value to their companies.

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